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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 7p2

Season Seven Sep 2002 - Apr 2003

#149: "Bada-Ping!"

Main Story: in the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina is planning to go to the Lush Room to get an interview with singer Joey Skye. Suddenly, a ball of smoke materializes, followed by Sabrina's bratty cousin Amanda. Amanda came by to hang with someone cool...Salem. Sabrina tells Amanda that coming in with smoke is a disgusting habit. Sabrina leaves Amanda in the house and heads to work. In the Lush Room, Avril Lavigne and her band were performing her hit "Sk8ter Boi." Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan sat in the front table enjoying the show. Joey walks over to the table. Roxie and Morgan chase Avril to the restroom. Sabrina starts her interview with Joey. Joey tells Sabrina where he will be singing next... "here." She means after tonight. "Here." Sabrina wonders if he has any upcoming gigs. Mickey comes up, points to Joey, and tells him he's performing next. Mickey is the owner of the club. He meets Sabrina and tells her he don't like people who ask a lot of questions, or correct him either, then ends the conversation. Joey goes to the stage to perform. At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina tells Annie that Joey got weird about being asked about singing at other clubs. Sabrina suspects that there might be something going on there in that he doesn't sing anywhere else. Annie tells Sabrina to be careful, nightclub owners can get pretty rough, and to take someone with her. At Eve's Diner, Sabrina finds out from Joey somehow that his relationship with Mickey the owner might be a bad one. Joey dodges the question about singing somewhere other than the Lush Room. He gives her a clue that he is being forced to sing there exclusively or else. Sabrina tells Joey that she has to write this up in her article. After Joey leaves, Mickey, whose been sitting behind Sabrina in another table, turns around and warns Sabrina that if her published prints her story, she'll never work again, then he leaves. In the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina tells Roxie that it turns out Mickey Brentwood is forcing Joey to only sing at The Lush Room, and she says that despite Mickey's threat, she's going ahead with the story. Roxie tells Sabrina that she doens't like this fact that she's been threatened by a nightclub owner, then asks her if she watches HBO. After Roxie leaves, Amanda reenters with a ball of smoke, and asks her if Sabrina wants to join her for a trip to Paris. Sabrina tells her no thanks, then Amanda leaves again in a ball of smoke. Each way Amanda comes in and out, Sabrina coughs and comments that Amanda's smoky way of entering and leaving is gross and she should come with a warning label. Sabrina takes a trip with Salem into the future to prove to Salem that he has nothing to worry about. They take a trip through the microwave oven and pop up sometime in the future. They appear at the Westbridge funeral parlour. Sabrina spots a coffin at the other end of the room, looks inside, and is shocked to see her corpse inside! Sabrina said to Salem that when Mickey said she'd never work again, he meant not even part time.

In the second half, at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina tells Annie that she doesn't want to write the Joey article, then changes her mind because she can't put the article on somebody else. In Sabrina's bedroom, Salem tells Sabrina that she's crazy for still writing the Joey article. Amanda comes again in a thick ball of smoke. Sabrina tells Amanda to stop with the smoke. Amanda wonders that something weird is going on. Sabrina tells Amanda that it's possible that there's some connection between writing this story and her untimely, youthful death. Amanda asks Sabrina if she's going to die and tells her not to write the article. Sabrina is still going ahead with the article. At Scorch Magazine, Annie reads through Sabrina's article. Sabrina changed the names to protect her sources, and is not happy about it, then goes out of her office. Sabrina is starting to get more freaked out when she goes to the kitchen area and turns the microwave into a time machine to see her future. Sabrina is still lying in a coffin. It doesn't matter if she's changed the names of the sources or not in the article. Sabrina thinks that Mickey plans on killing her anyway, so she storms across the office to stop Annie, and tells her to print the article with the real names. Leonard gives Sabrina a flower delivery. She picks them up and opens up the paper to see the roses, but the roses are all black. She reads the card: "I hope you like this arrangement; don't forget ours. Mickey." She trashes the black roses. In the Spellman living room, Sabrina has, at least, returned home safely. Roxie reads the article from the copy of Scorch that Sabrina had brought home with her. Roxie reads, "...and so, due to this immoral contract, the only place the uber talented Joey Skye will see his star rise is over The Lush Room." After Roxie and Morgan go upstairs after Morgan fire the beefy house...um...custodian, or whatever you call a male maid who is not a transsexual, Amanda come by in a ball of smoke. Sabrina coughs once again. Amanda tells her that she is worried about her and she doesn't want her to die. Sabrina tells her not to worry and that nobody is dying; some of them are choking, At night, Sabrina gets so fed up with being scared that she decides to get to the Lush Room and deal with that Mickey thug. When Sabrina opens the front door in the living room, it's Mickey. Mickeye waves a rolled up copy of Scorch Magazine and chases Sabrina with it by waving it angrily under her nose. Sabrina backs off but he keeps coming. Mickey tells her that she's done him a great dishonour by printing this. Sabrina tells him that she had to because Joey Skye's a very talented singer. Sabrina is cornered in her chair while Mickey presses on with the magazine in her face. Mickey tells her that she's trying to ruin him, aren't you, then throws down the magazine. Sabrina tells him that he should be free to live his own life, then finds out that Joey is Mickey's son. Mickey softens up. Joey won't tell people that they're related. Mickey fears that Joey will desert him when he goes to other clubs, get a record deal, go to that MTV plugged up show, and forget about Mickey. Sabrina tells Mickey that he can't let his fears run his life, and Joey will go out on his own, but visit him sometimes. Mickey feels much better, then heads to the door and leaves the house. Amanda and Salem come from downstairs. Sabrina tells them that it's all taken care of and Mickey won't be bothering her anymore. Amanda is so relieved, but Salem tells Sabrina that she still doesn't know she dies. Sabrina pings Amanda and Salem into the future to show them. They take a time trip through the VCR. They arrive at the chapel of the Westbridge Funeral Parlour full of mourners. They observe Roxie and Morgan talking about how Sabrina dies. Morgan thought that Sabrina was a smoker. Roxie tells her that she wasn't; she died of second hand smoke. Morgan says that she and Roxie don't smoke and it must have been from someone at work. Sabrina turns to Amanda, who suggests that the smoke was from her. Amanda apologies to Sabrina and promises her no more smoke. Sabrina is half mortal and half witch, so it could be centuries before she actually dies.

Updated: October 3, 2007

Original Air Date: November 15, 2002


Guests: Matthew Brann as Himself. Jesse Colburn as Himself. Avril Lavigne as Herself. Charles Muniz as Himself. Evan Taubenfeld as Himself. J.P. Manoux as Stan. Garry Marshall as Mickey Brentwood. Robyn Moran as Tatiana. Richard Voll as Joey Skye. Brian Wade as Kim.

#150: "It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas"

Main Story: Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan spend Christmas with Leonard in Florida, where they run into Roxie's recently paroled mom Candy. But when the vacation home is robbed and Roxie's mom is accused, it's up to Sabrina to prove Candy's innocence and give Roxie the Christmas she always dreamed of.

Trivia: Kate Jackson played Sabrina (not the witch but a private eye) Duncan in the series "Charlie's Angels."

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: December 6, 2002


Guests: Scott Gurney as Zack. Kate Jackson as Candy. Sandra McCoy as Attractive Woman. Reed Prescott as Caroler #1. Mike Siegel as Emcee.

#151: "Ping, Ping A Song"

Main Story: American Idol seemed to be the inspiration for this episode. Sabrina, Morgan, and Roxie get hooked on the TV show National Superstars where singers compete for a record deal. At Scorch Magazine, the workers think that the TV show is so lame. Sabrina wants to do a story on National Superstars, but the TV show doesn't allow reporters. When alone with Sabrina at her desk, Leonard admits that it's been his dream to be on the show. Sabrina gets an idea to enter undercover as a contestant to get a great story, and she calls Roxie and Morgan to see if they want to do it with her. At the National Superstars audition room, Sabrina is talking into a recorder as she dictates some of her story in development. Roxie and Morgan are there for her. When Roxie and Morgan get the preaudtion jitters, Sabrina gives them a spell in Aunt Lorraine's Talent Lozenges to make them talented so that their act doesn't stink when they sing. They all sing with sparkling musical notes coming from their mouthes. Colin introduces the girls' act called Gal Pals... Z on the preaudition stage. The girls sing the song "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" by En Vogue. The audience applauded. The girls in excitement return backstage. Harvey says it's weird that they're all of a sudden talented because he's heard them sing in the car and thought it was engine trouble. In private, Sabrina tells Harvey that she gave herself and the ladies the magic Lozenges. Sabrina gives Harvey the tin of lozenges. Roxie grabs Sabrina and tells her that their group are semi-finalists, which isn't what's supposed to happen to them. Sabrina says she has all that she needs for her article. Roxie leads Sabrina back to the stage. Harvey reads the label on the tin. It says, "Warning: Excess exposure to limelight may have adverse effects." He sees the TV monitor with the ladies on it and they're milking the applause for all its worth. In the Spellman living room, the ladies are on top of the world with their sudden fame. Roxie is taking a leave of abscence and plans to quit her deadend job. Morgan doesn't have a job to quit. Roxie and Morgan leave for some appointment. Harvey catches Sabrina before she leaves. Harvey wants to talk to her about her and the lozenges and the warning label, but Sabrina tells him to leave any of his concerns on her machine, gives a couple of fake kisses towards him, and leaves with the other girls. As the fame of Gal Palz rises, they appear on the cover of Blurr magazine, a framed picture of them is put up in the Eve's Diner in a spot where there are pictures of other celebrities, and Roxie, Morgan, and Sabrina read their fan mail. Back at the National Superstars studio, the announcer is about to announce the two National Superstar finalists. Gal Palz stand on stage with Zeks and the other acts that also auditioned. Roxie, Sabrina, and Morgan get their heads so swelled up that their egos couldn't be contained. Colin announces the first of the finalists: Zeke Tyler. Then he announces the second: Gal Palz. Morgan starts acting like a diva and gives the hint that she wants to be a solo act. Roxie does likewise and says to Colin the announcer/host that she could make it with real backup singers. Morgan says that the fans are more interested in the redhead of the group.

In the second act. Roxie and Morgan move out of the Spellman house as their diva's egos just are too big to fit inside the three-story building anymore as they plan to be solo stars. Harvey enters and wants to talk to Sabrina about the warning label. Sabrina tells him that she has to volumise her hair and launch a solo career before lunch. Harvey tells her to quit the diva act and listen to him. He shows her the warning label stating, "Exposure to limelight may have adverse effects." Those diva acts are adverse effects. All this fame is making Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan act like some kinda egotistical movie stars. Harvey goes to the VCR to show Sabrina what she did on last night's Superstar show. There's a ping sound after she watches herself on TV and realizes how ugly she was last night. Harvey comments that she really did look like a witch. Now that Sabrina knows what's going on, she has to stay out of the limelight and get Roxie and Morgan out of it too before it completely destroys their friendship. At Scorch Magazine, Roxie and Morgan are acting like divas to the reporters Cole and James. Sabrina enters. She meets Annie, who tells her that the last of their divas have arrived. Sabrina has come to talk to her friends and to get out of the place. When James and the others take pictures of Sabrina, her diva act goes on, but she somehow resists it and shuts it off, but eventually, Sabrina fails to turn off the diva act and the three pose like divas to the flashing crew. Harvey comes to the rescue, puts a coat over Sabrina's head, and carries her out of the office. Back at the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina casts a spell on the tin container of Aunt Lorraine's Talent Lozenges and makes the image of Lorraine come to life so Sabrina can give her a piece of her mind. Says Aunt Lorraine after she comes to life, "Aunt Lorraine, when your throat's a pain." Sabrina tells her that she had a real problem with her lozenges, and threatens to twist her bun off if she doesn't help her. Aunt Lorraine tells her that the guys from marketing say she is scaring off the kids and offers Sabrina to be their new spokesperson. Sabrina gets diva-ed and says she always wanted to do endorsements. Harvey snaps Sabrina out of it when he calls out "Diva alert!" Sabrina snaps out of it and demands the antidote that'll make this ego act all go away. Aunt Lorraine tells her she can't do it because the media and the public made them what they are today: Bitter, Hateful, Self-centred, and only they can tear you down. Sabrina puts down the tin in frustration. Sabrina gets the idea that they need to be torn down. Gal Palz needs a scandal. At the National Superstars studio, it was finals night. Sabrina grabs the microphone and admits that she posed as a contestant to get a story and dragged her friends into it. The audience gasps and mutters. Colin the host disqualifies their Gal Palz act and declares Zeke Tyler the winner. Gal Palz are yesterday's news. The ego spell from the Lozenges wears off as their fame has been torn down. Sabrina ruined the act so she could save their friendship. Morgan and Roxie realize that it's really over and they don't matter anymore. Sabrina tells them that they matter to her.

Trivia: Sally Struthers played Gloria Stivic in the series "All in the Family" and also the voice of the teenage Pebbles in the 1971-72 season of "Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm".

Updated: October 4, 2007

Original Air Date: January 10, 2003


Guests: Chris Harrison as Colin. Drew Lachey as Zeke. Sally Struthers as Aunt Lorraine.

#152: "The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Main Story: Sabrina is going to do a cover story on Daniel Bedingfield for the next issue of Scorch Magazine. At Scorch Magzine, Annie tells Sabrina that she lost her cover story because the designer refuses to dress Daniel Bedingfield. Sabrina suggests to have Morgan dress him. She zaps Morgan's portfolio from the Spellman house to her desk and shows it to Annie. Annie reluctantly agrees because she's desperate. At the Spellman house, Sabrina gives Morgan the news that she got her the job after showing Annie her portfolio. Morgan is going to be styling Daniel Bedingfield for the cover of Scorch Magazine. Roxie came in with the bad news that her station manager isn't happy with her Girl Talk show. Sabrina suggests that Roxie could do a live music radio show. Back at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina and the staff there are wondering where Morgan is. Sabrina calls Morgan on the cell phone and tells her that she's supposed to be at Scorch twenty minutes ago. Morgan told her she went shopping and she's stuck in traffic. Sabrina points at the phone, and the spell helps Morgan's car shoot down the street by compressing itself so that it could squeeze between lanes and zoom fast. A minute later, Morgan arrives at Scorch. Note to Roxie: don't sing on your radio show. At Scorch Magazine, Daniel is in the office while Morgan is putting together his look, which was awful. Daniel comes out after Morgan introduces him to the staff. Daniel's look is a disaster, looking like a Vegas showgirl. Annie tells Sabrina to fire Morgan, but seeing Morgan's happy smile makes it harder for her to fire her.

In the second half, Sabrina finds the courage to tell Morgan she lost the job. Annie doesn't want Sabrina to use her design. Sabrina lied to Morgan that she liked it and also lied that she told Annie she's making a big mistake. Morgan wants to talk to Annie. Sabrina says no, saying it's pointless. Daniel leaves the offfice, muttering that Morgan is a freakin' crazy chick, and leaves to find a pub. Sabrina looks for Morgan, then discovers that Morgan cornered Annie, and Sabrina runs into the two in the middle of their conversation. Annie tells Morgan that even Sabrina said her outfit stunk. A shocked Morgan turns to Sabrina and thought she told her that she liked her design, then storms off. As Sabrina entered the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina was leaving messages on Daniel's cell phone for him to contact her so she can do an interview with him. Sabrina is confronted by Morgan, who tells her that she doesn't know which of her two faces to listen to. Morgan tells her that she told her that she liked her design for Daniel Bedingfield and she told Annie that she doesn't. She told Roxie that she liked her song and she told Morgan that she didn't. That makes Sabrina two faced, so she better face it... twice! Sabrina calls out to a running Morgan that she is not two faced. Another Sabrina voice tells Sabrina "Yeah, right!" Sabrina turns around to see where the other voice came from, but thinks that Salem has something to do with it. She confronts Salem and asks him if he's talking to someone. Another Sabrina voice tells Sabrina that Salem can't hear anything. Sabrina grabs the mirror and uses it with the mirror on the wall to see the back of her head. Sabrina sees another face on the back of her head. She's two-faced! Salem tells her that if a witch denies the truth, she's forced to confront it. Sabrina tells Salem that she was just trying to spare Morgan and Roxie's feelings. Another Sabrina face tells her that she makes her two faced. Sabrina goes upstairs and knocks on the bathroom door. A sobbing Morgan tells her that she doesn't want to talk to her. Sabrina tells Morgan that she likes her design for Daniel, but another Sabrina face tells Sabrina that thet outfit looked like something the San Diego chicken wore the to prom. The cellphone rings and Sabrina answers it. Daniel calls. Sabrina puts a towel in her other face's mouth to shut her up. Daniel agrees to meet Sabrina in the back of the office in five minutes. Downstairs, Sabrina puts a scarf on the back of her head to cover her second face. Roxie comes down stairs with a guitar and tells her that she's going to sing on her radio show. Another Sabrina face comments "Oh dear God!" Sabrina puts her hand over the back of her head to shut her up. Roxie tells Sabrina that she's a true friend thanks to her, then leaves. At Scorch Magazine, Daniel and Sabrina talk at her desk for her interview. Daniel says that he's going to a gig to see his friend Nigel act, and tells him he's dreadful, Sabrina asks Daniel if he cound sing on Roxie's show insted of doing the interview, and tells Daniel that Roxie is a musical version of his friend Nigel. He tells her that he doesn't know if he has the time. Sabrina tells him that the radio station is .... right upstairs. Sabrina asks Cole to do the cover story. He agrees. Outside of the office, Daniel is standing in front of the lift doors and wondering that it was a bakery. Sabrina tells him that tomorrow it'll be a butcher and then a candlestick maker. Hey, that's America. She leads him into the elevator and the doors slide shut shimmering with sparkles. The magic elevator shuttles them to the Boston FM offices. The lift doors open where they weren't there before, and Sabrina comes out followed by Daniel. Two guys walking down the corridor stop and stare wondering how long has an elevator been there. They enter the Chick Chat studio. Roxie sits with her guitar on her knee as Morgan sobs out her story to her. Morgan tells Roxie that she told her right up front that her singing sucks. Roxie tells Morgan that Sabrina said she liked her songs and thinks she can trust her. She strums a couple of chords as Sabrina dashes in. Sabrina tells Roxie to not sing because her song sucks, then apologizes, and doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but asks her if it's worse if she lied to her. Roxie tells Sabrina that she appreciates her honesty, but she's ruined her show. Roxie promised her listeners live music. Sabrina tells her they'll get it, then brings Daniel into the studio. Roxie is surprised. Sabrina goes on the mike to introruce Daniel Bedingfield. Sabrina steps away, leaving the microphone to Daniel and joins Roxie and Morgan in the engineers box. They stand and listen as he starts to sing "Gotta Get Thru This." The girls air out their issue about trying to be honest with each other if they're going to be friends. After Sabrina clears out her head about why she lied about what she thought of Roxie's singing and Morgan's design of Daniel's outfit, and said she should have been more honest and upfront about it, she takes off her scarf from her head after making sure that her second face disappearred.

Updated: October 6, 2007

Original Air Date: January 17, 2003


Guests: Daniel Bedingfield as Himself. Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. Chris W. King as Radio Station Employee. Ted Kairys as Justin. Gik-End as Office Worker.

#153: "In Sabrina We Trust"

Main Story: A picture on the wall named Louisa tells Sabrina that since there's so little magic has been used lately, the house will be undergoing a magical systems check. It's going to be tricky since Roxie and Morgan are mortals. Roxie walks in wondering what Sabrina is talking to and she heard voices. The mail from the Other Realm pops in the toaster, and Sabrina says that she's sterlizing the mail as an explanation to Roxie. Sabrina has to get Roxie and Morgan out of the house while the house undergoes a magical systems check. So, Sabrina leads them to the malt shop while the clock in the house starts going one hour a minute. Roxie tells Sabrina that she's seeing a doctor on having a tattoo she got during her high school days removed and asks Sabrina to keep a secret. Her tatoo says I Heart Hanson. Sabrina comes back home and Salem tells her that all systems are OK. Lightning from the linen closet upstairs strikes, so Sabrina tries to keep the door close. Morgan comes to Sabrina and is worried about Roxie after overhearing her talking to a doctor to have something removed and she's worried about it. Roxie tells Morgan to MYOB. Sabrina tells Morgan that everything is OK, but Morgan still worries about it. Sabrina admits that Roxie is having a tattoo removed and Sabrina asks her not to repeat what she told her. Morgan does. A mad Roxie confronts Sabrina for telling Morgan that Roxie's tattoo is on her butt. Roxie thought she could trust Sabrina, who thought she could trust Morgan. Meanwhile, a vaccuum cleaner rises from the ground. Sabrina searches in her magic book for a spell. She finds a tonic in the book called "Elixir of Trust" that could be used to give to Roxie to make her trust Sabrina. She mixes the tonic into a smoothie for Roxie, and after tricking her to drink it, Roxie totally trusts Sabrina. Louisa the picture starts talking. Roxie asks if that picture just talked. Sabrina says that it's one of those gag pictures. Roxie bought the explanation, and tells Sabrina that she keeps secrets from her. Salem sights the smoothie mixed with tonic and tries to get Morgan to drink it. Morgan takes a sip, then Salem talks to Morgan, who trusts Salem. Roxie starts to get carried away when she starts giving away too many secrets. Roxie says that she trusts Sabrina so much that she won't let anything harm her. Then Roxie stands on a window sill some dozen stories up, asks Sabrina to catch her, and falls backwards. In the second half, Sabrina runs really fast downstairs, reaches the bottom, and catches Roxie, just like Superman could. Sabrina catches Morgan under the tonic spell pampering Salem with every wish of his. Sabrina used the tonic to fix a friendship. Salem used the tonic to get a tummy rub. Salem told Sabrina that she left it on the counter, then enters the kitchen and sees Roxie drinking more of it. She can't pour it down the drain either, so she tries to boil it away. The tonic vaporizes due to the heat. Now her neighbors are under the trust spell after breathing the vaporized tonic. Sabrina's eyes start to get blurry and dark. She goes to her bedroom and meets Blind Faith, who is literally blind. Blind Faith tells Sabrina that she's the new Blind Faith. When Sabrina explains that she wants Roxie to trust her, Blind Faith tells her that using her magic to make Roxie trust her is not real trust, it's blind faith. Sabrina loses her sight, and Blind Faith starts to see again. Sabrina comes down with a seeing-eye goat that Blind Faith handed her. She goes downstairs and tells everybody to trust her when she says not to trust her. Nobody believes her. Sabrina and her goat walk over to Louisa, who tells her that everything's fine and that she has a summons for Sabrina, who is then zapped into the Other Realm Court. Sabrina admits to the judge that Roxie doesn't have any reason to trust her. The judge tells Sabrina that she knows what she has to do, then is zapped back to her house. Sabrina meets with Roxie, who lied to Roxie that most of the things she tells Roxie are lies. The only way she can trust her secret is to completely trust Roxie, then tells her that she is a witch. Roxie asks her "a witch?" The trust spell is broken. The neighbors wonder why they are in Sabrina's house. Morgan is shocked to be bathing with Salem. Sabrina could see again. Roxie says that it's the weakest lie she's ever heard. Roxie asks if that's some kind of metaphor. Sabrina tells her what it means like being willing to hide the truth from those she loves the most, and apologizes to Roxie. Roxie apologizes to her after being unfair. Sabrina gets a mail in the toaster that her house passed the magical systems check.

Updated: March 3, 2007

Original Air Date: January 24, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF

Guests: Gary Bullock as Abe Lincoln. Annie O'Donnell as Louisa. Victor Raider-Wexler as The Judge. Rachel Reenstra as Woman with Baby. Sean Smith as Ken. Deborah Zoe as Blind Faith. Paul Kimmel as elderly man.

#154: "Sabrina in Wonderland"

Main Story: A man named Aaron enters the office and finally meets a nervous Sabrina. He's a big fan of her writing. Before Aaron could ask her out, Sabrina leaves in a hurry. Roxie and Morgan tell Sabrina that she needs to start dating again. Aaron enters the restaurant they are at. Sabrina gets so nervous that she unwittingly slows down time as Aaron walks slower until time stand still. Sabrina then restarts time again, Aaron starts talking to Sabrina, who then runs out in a hurry. She looks in her magic book which explains that when a witch perceives danger, time may freeze so that a witch can assess the situation then escape. She wonders why she is scared of Aaron. She finds another spell that calls for her to find out what makes somebody tick. She gets some hair from Aaron by disguising herself in the barber shop to get a lock of his hair. In the office, she gets words that he spoke from Aaron. In the restaurant, Aaron and his friend talked about the restaurant being so retro like "Happy Days." Sabrina disguises herself as a lady on a hot sauce bottle to get something from Aaron's heart. At home, Sabrina mixes in the three items to find out what makes Aaron tick. She hands the pot to Potsie to get something from Aaron's heart. Potsie and the pot disappear and in its place is a watch. Get it. It's what makes him tick. She winds up the watch to find out what makes Aaron tick. Morgan interrrupts Sabrina, causing her to leave the kitchen, but she gets out of the talk. When she returns to the kitchen, Salem's pet rabbit stole the watch and makes its escape. Aaron shows up at the door. Sabrina sights the rabbit, then chases it outside. The rabbit enters a hole in the yard. Sabrina gets sucked down the hole and is wearing an Alice in Wonderland outfit. In the second half, she meets the rabbit who's more humanized. The rabbit with the watch gives Sabrina a cookie that says "Eat Me", and she shrinks. She drinks a "Drink Me" bottle and returns to sort of normal size for a minituarized girl in a rabbit hole. Sabrina meets some green skinned creature who gives her a hint that Aaron is misleading. Aaron asks Roxie a ton of questions about Sabrina. Morgan was told by Sabrina that he might have a prison record. Sabrina goes to a tea party and meets the Mad Hatter and some mouse-man, who gives Sabrina a lot of trouble, but finds out that Aaron is afraid of committent. Sabrina walks away and meets the Cheshire Cat on a fence, and after being threatened, he tells Sabrina that he has a big secret and that the rabbit is playing croquet with the queen. Roxie is told by Aaron that he quit MTV, started his own label, and manages a band. The queen tells Sabrina that Aaron is a game player in a way with words, and makes Sabrina play a game to see the rabbit if she gets the ball she hits thorugh. She does. She walks out and meets the rabbit under a tree of watches. She picks the right watch from the tree, which reads "Misleading" at noon, "Fear of Commitment" at 3pm, "Games Player" at 6pm, and "Big Secret" at 9pm. The rabbit turns the watch around, and it reads "Sabrina Spellman". Huh? This is Sabrina's watch, not Aaron's. The rabbit makes Sabrina see that it's really her watch. She's so afraid of commitment that she stopped time. Sabrina says that she's really trying to protect herself and doesn't want to get hurt again. Sabrina returns to the mortal world and into her house. Sabrina tells Aaron that she's sorry that she was scared and was playing games with him. Aaron tells her to stop running and kisses her. Salem admits that he got the white rabbit pet friend was The White Rabbit she was chasing and didn't want Sabrina to make a big mistake. Sabrina crushes the watch she craated from the potion and plans to find out what makes him tick the old fashioned way.

Trivia: Don Most and Anson Williams were regulars in the series "Happy Days". Williams played Potsie Webber in the series.

Note: Dylan Neal joins the series as Aaron Jacobs.

Updated: March 3, 2007

Original Air Date: January 31, 2003


Guests: Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. David Monahan as Aaron's Friend. Don Most as The White Rabbit (as Donny Most). Anson Williams as Potsie. Nick Bakay played Salem and the Chesire Cat.

#155: "Present Perfect"

Main Story: Sabrina tires of her clumsy ways so she uses her magic to make herself mistake-free, but the spell also turns her into a know-it-all and ends up jeopardizing her friendships. Meanwhile, Roxie and Morgan run into debt troubles after they use credit cards to pay their bills.

Main Story: At Scorch Magazine, Annie tells Sabrina to proofread her article because the temp they sent over is dyslexic. Annie's article is about starvation in sub Saharan Africa, then tells her that for Sabrina's review the next day, Jonathan has finally consented to letting Annie decide Sabrina's fate, then tells Sabrina that the proofreading has to be perfect. Annie turns away and Leonard helps Sabrina with her proofreading. Leonard assures Sabrina that Annie is definitely out to get her. The rest of the staff talk about it all the time. Sabrina remembers she has a date with Aaron and was late. She calls Aaron on her cell phone from her desk and lies that she's in the parking lot. Sabrina thanks Leonard, then leaves the ofice, and zaps herself into the Posh Boston restaurant. She meets Aaron at the table after she materializes and his head, which was turned away when Sabrina got transported in, turns around, and was surpirsed to see her already. Aaron orders another artichoke, and Sabrina is nervous about her date with Aaron that it turns into a blunder with the artichoke. At home, Sabrina tells Morgan and Roxie that it was officially the worst date of her entire life. There is no way he is ever going to want to go out with her again. Roxie tells Sabrina that Leonard called and thinks she might have misspelled Madagascar. Another mistake brought to you by the incompetence at Sabrina. In the Spellman bedroom, Salem tells Sabrina that when a witch gets rid of her appendix, she'll be mistake-free. Sabrina zaps in a surgeon who removes her appendix by pointing some light on her stomach, The appendix comes out and into the surgeon's hands. He hands her the appendix in a paper swan, then disappears. She says she doesn't feel any different. She puts her silver swan aside. She's moving with perfect poise and posture. Sabrina tells Salem it's time for bed, then zaps her ruffled bed into a made up bed. She gets into bed, and tells Salem she'll see him in exactly eight hours. The next morning, Sabrina looks elegant as she comes downstairs, and says to Roxie and Morgan that it's a perfectly perfect day. Roxie tells Sabrina that she's going to pay off her interest loan, but Sabrina tells her not at these interest rates. So, Sabrina picks up a pen and writes some calculations on the paper. She shows them the results: Y00=/4r H=1/2P+V(r)(Z/200) M=N/2 H=1/2M P2+1/2u-0/r2=R-12P/3a0 EXP(1/2) = $. Wow! At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina is fixing up Cole and James' imprefections at their desks. Aaron enters the office and takes Sabrina out for lunch. At some Terrific little Italian place. Aaron and Sabrina are eating a meal at a table, and Sabrina is noticing more imperfections unconciously at the restauraunt. She wants everything to be perfect, correcting everything including Aaron's grammar. Back at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina and the office staff are at a conference table. Leonard arrives to hand Annie the proofs for next week's issue. Annie complains that Sabrina has made more changes: she changed titles, she altered the layout, and she rewrote her boss. What was she thinking? Sabrina moved her third paragraph into the lead in. Annie has a lead for Sabrina...she's fired!

In the second half, Aaron calls Sabrina in the phone. He was just calling that they should cool things down and take a break from dating. He says he'll see her around, then hangs up. At the Spellman living room, Roxie and Morgan beg Sabrina to help them. Roxie tells Sabrina that she just figured out there's no way they can even come close to making all the minimum payments on all of those credit cards. Morgan tells Sabrina that they're not giving them any more credit! They say that they have no visible means of support. Sabrina's perfection is what led Roxie and Morgsan down the path of debt and despair. Sabrina apologizes and thought it was a perfectly perfect idea. In Sabrina's bedroom, Sabrina tells Salem that she wants her appendix back, The spell has cost her the job at Scorch, her friends' financial future, and Aaron. Salem tells her that he put it down the garbage disposal. Sabrina says there must be some way to undo the spell, and that being perfect is perfectly awful. Salem suggests a mistake school, a school for people having trouble with mistakes. She points at herself and zaps herself into the Mistakes 101 classroom. Sabrina introduces herself and tells the instructor that she's misplaced her appendix. Consequently, she's lost her job and her boyfriend. So really, she just needs to learn to make mistakes again and er... then she can go. The instructor tells her it sounds like she already knows how to make mistakes, then starts with a review of all of her mistakes. He reaches down and hauls up a huge, leather bound book and drops it on the desk. Sabrina wonders if that's all of her mistakes. The instructor tells her that it's just the A section. They review her mistakes in the classroom. They saw some of her spells gone awry. Then later, they see Sabrina on the screen proofreding Annie's article. Sabrina gets the point that she shouldn't have corrected her boss. The screen later shows Sabrina in the restaurant with Aaron with an artichoke leaf hanging off his nose. Sabrina tells the instructor that she admits she makes mistakes and she's the worst person, witch, employee, roommate, girlfriend, artichoke eater in the world. The instructor tells her she forgot "student" and she's just not getting it. Then on the screen, they see a toddler trying to walk, but falling down, then gets up. It was Sabrina as a toddler. The instructor tells Sabrina that she fell on her keester eleven hundred times before she finally walked across that room. Sabrina tells him that she was just a baby and that's how they learn to walk. A bell rings and the lights come up. She gets it. Mistakes are important because we learn from them, so instead of wishing she had never made any, she should just embrace what they teach her and move on. The instructor tells her that's exactly what it is. The instructor snaps his fingers and a rolled up diploma drops into Sabrina's hand, then tells her that she's completely fallible, error prone, and she will definitely make many many mistakes during her lifetime. Sabrina thanks him, then heads for the door, and walks into it. Sabrina returns to the real world. In the Spellman living room, Sabrina comes downstairs to meet Roxie and Morgan and tells them she's sorry if she's contributed to her problem and made it worse with her bad financial advice. She then took some scissors and cut up the pile of credit cards in half. Roxie and Morgan were horrified. Roxie then tells Sabrina that one of those was her driver's license. Whoops! At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina begs Annie for her job back by apologizing for overstepping her bounds and created mistakes. Annie tells Sabrina she's going to give her one last chance. Sabrina was delighted and thanks her. Annie then tells Sabrina to proof her article, and tells her not to clog the margins with her little happy faces, not to flag anything except typos, and needs it now and done right. Annie changes her mind, takes it from Sabrina, and gives it to Esbe; her English is really improving. Sabrina then it will give her a chance to get started on the new article she wants to write. Annie tells her not to waste her time, and the last thing she needs to do is slog her way through another tedious Spellman hack piece. Annie walks away. Sabrina tells her maybe later, then says wait a minute. Annie stops and turns. Sabrina asks Annie if she called her a hack. Annie says that she did. Sabrina tells her that it's not okay at all. Annie stops, turns again, and the heads of the staff in the office take notice of Sabrina's complaint. Sabrina tells Annie that she might make an occasional mistake, but the biggest mistake she made here is not standing up to her months ago. She tells her she's not a hack! She's a really good writer, and she busts her butt day in and day out for her. She does not deserve to be treated like this, ever. She tells Annie she quits. She goes to her desk and picks up her bag with a few personal items on it. Annie asks her if she knows how difficult it is to find a job in journalism. Sabrina tells her that if she's making a mistake, she'll learn, and then leaves the office. She goes out the door and drops her bag, and spills the contents over the sidewalk. Aaron comes over to apologize for being such a schmuck, and loves it when she's wrestling with vegetables and showing up late. He doesn't want somebody who's perfect. He then kisses her, and tells her its absolutely perfect.

In the epilogue, Sabrina tells Salem that she just booked her second freelance assignment.

Note: this is the final episode with Diana-Maria Riva as Annie, Bumper Robinson as James, Andrew Walker as Cole, and after just two episodes, and John Ducey as Leonard as the series makes a final change in the following episode.

Updated: October 6, 2007

Original Air Date: February 7, 2003


Guests: Robertson Dean as General Custer. Kato Kaelin as Instructor. Shelley Malil as Surgeon. Don Boland as Drill Guy.

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