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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 7p3

Season Seven Sep 2002 - Apr 2003

#156: "Cirque du Sabrina"

Note: Anson Williams directed the episode written by Suzane Gangursky.

Main Story: Sabrina's social life is out of control. She has to be with important clients of Aaron's and promised Harvey she would make it to see his game. She's not the kind of girl who just ditches her friends the minute she gets a boyfriend. Sabrina asks Morgan to entertain Aaron who just arrived at the house. She goes. Later at the Spellman front porch, Sabrina arrives home with Aaron. She missed the game and the pizza party. She and Aaron enter the living room. Roxie, Morgan and Harvey are sitting in the living room and not being too happy about her missing her being with them. Sabrina told them that they had to meet people at The Four Seasons, and it turned out Adam Sandler was staying there so they got to go up to his suite. Things start getting too busy for her. Harvey's playing hockey again the next day. Sabrina tells Harvey she'll be there. Aaron reminds her that he was going to surprise her with tickets to the Boston Film Festival that same night. Sabrina then suggests to Harvey how about Wednesday for the game. Morgan reminds Sabrina that on Wednesday she promised to help her do her hair. Sabrina asks Roxie to help her. Roxie said she made plans with her to try that new yoga place and Harvey's coming with her. Aaron reminds her that he's go to go to that thing... Sabrina tells Aaron, Roxie, Morgan, and Harvey that she'll be there, there, there, and there. So there! Whew! How can she do all that at once! She could split into four Sabrinas like she did a few seasons ago. Anyway, Sabrina goes upstairs going over her plans to what she'll be doing with who on what day. Sabrina tells Salem that she needs to do a little juggling. She walks into her bedroom. Sabrina's bedroom has been transformed into a circus, complete with a Russian Ringmaster sent to help her balance her out-of-control social life. She asks the ringmaster what he's doing there and why she's dressed like a Russian figure skater. The ringmaster tells her that he pitches his tent whenever he finds a witch whose life is seriously out of balance. Sabrina tells him that the only things she's trying to balance right now are her friends and her new boyfriend. The ringmaster tells Sabrina that if her life is as in balance as she says, she should have no trouble crossing the tightrope while you juggle these four balls: Aaron Ball: "The movies, Sabrina." Morgan Ball: "My hair." Roxie Ball: "Sabrina, yoga tomorrow." Harvey Ball: "Hockey game." Lucille Ball: "Waaaaaaaah!" Ooops. Sorry. Got carried away with that. Sabrina tries to walk the tightrope while juggling the four balls. She fails, falls from the rope, and lands on the tightrope below. Maybe Sabrina's life is a bit out of balance. The ringmaster tells Sabrina that until she makes it to the platform, meaning to find a way to juggle her time between her friends, Harvey, and Aaron, Cirque Du Sabrina is there to stay in her bedroom. Sabrina tells Roxie and Morgan that there's a house meeting. She tells them that she can't keep juggling everyone, then tells Morgan to find someone else to help her with her hair, and Roxie can't make yoga with her this week. Morgan and Roxie retreat to their rooms. Sabrina goes into her bedroom and the circus is still there. In the Spellman living room, Sabrina spends the night on the couch because the circus came to her, instead of her coming to the circus. Sabrina tells Salem that the ringmaster insists that her life is out of balance but everything seems perfect. Salem asks Sabrina what about Aaron, the jealous boyfriend? Sabrina tells him that Aaron has nothing to be jealous of. Salem asks what about her ex-boyfriend always hanging around here. Harvey walks in and goes into the kitchen for coffee. Salem tells Sabrina that no guy wants his girlfriend hanging around with her ex. In the kitchen, Roxie is doing Morgan's har with an afro pick and no mirror. Morgan's red hair is a frizzy mess. Later, at The Boston Academy Club, Aaron tells Sabrina that he's jealous of Harvey and doesn't like having Harvey around. Sabrina tells Aaron that she doesn't want to to be with someone who is gonna dictate who she sees and who she doesn't. Sabrina goes back to her bedroom. The circus is still there. The ringmaster continues juggling his clubs and acrobats continue their show. Sabrina tells the ringmaster that it turns out her problem isn't scheduling. Her life is out of balance because she has a jealous boyfriend. The ringmaster thinks Sabrina is ready for her high wire act to prove she's taken care of her problem. She has to walk the wire with a long balance bar in her hands. Aaron and Harvey pop up on opposite ends of the balance bar. Sabrina loses her balance and galls onto the safety net. The ringmaster tells Sabrina that he doesn't think the jealous boyfriend is her problem. It's Harvey, who's still in love with her. The ringmaster throws down his clubs and the acrobats stop the balancing feats and walk away. Sabrina stands looking up at Harvey in shocked surprise.

In the second act, Sabrina leaves her bedroom circus. Roxie comes by. Sabrina tells her that Harvey is still in love with her. Aaron calls Sabrina on the phone and apologizes her for the whole Harvey thing, then called Harvey and asked him to join him and Sabrina at the club that night. Sabrina is shocked. After completing the call, she tells the ladies she's the worst girlfriend ever. Morgan tells Sabrina that it's Harvey's problem. It's not her fault that he's not over her. Sabrina goes back into her circus bedroom, or is it a bedroom circus? Once again in her circus outfit as she's been entering the cirque de Sabrina, Sabrina confronts the ringmaster. Sabrina tells him that she can't stop Harvey having feelings for her. The ringmaster asks her what if he never had these feelings at all. Sabrina asks him how would she do that. The ringmaster tells her that the feelings that upset her today are connected to those from yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, etc. etc. At Eve's Diner, Harvey tells Morgan and Roxie that he's not still in love with Sabrina, she's a good friend, he cares about her a lot, but that's as far as it goes. Meanwhile, at circue da Sabrina, the ringmaster makes Harvey's feelings for her disappear by making a handkerchief, which represents the day she first met Harvey standing in Mr. Pool's biology classroom at Westbridge High School on the first day of term, disappear. Later, Aaron takes Sabrina to the Boston Academy Club. Sabrina catches up with Harvey at the bar. She checks up on Harvey, but Harvey has no memory of him ever meeting Sabrina any time before they meet in the Club just now, and thinks she's a stalker. Back at Sabrina's big top, Sabrina complains to the ringmaster that he snuffed out her entire friendship with Harvey, and tells him that she just wanted his romantic feelings snuffed. The ringmaster helps Sabrina undo the spell when she slides a handkerchief into Harvey's head, but as the ringmaster warned, her life would be unbalanced again. Harvey comes back to his previous state. Harvey tells Sabrina that his feelings for her never really changed. Sabrina tells him that he has to let those feelings evolve, otherwise they'll never be able to move forward...and she might never be able to move across her bedroom again. Harvey tells Sabrina that he doesn't think he could be happy for Sabrina for dating Aaron, then he gets up and quickly walks away. Sabrina didn't realize taht putting her life in balance means losing Harvey forever. Back at Sabrina's big top, Sabrina is asked by the ringmaster to walk the tightrope with no balancing aid and no safety net. If her life truly is in balance, she won't need the net. Sabrina steps onto the rope, walks a yard or two, loses her balance, and falls. A trapeze artist's pair of strong hands grasps her wrists, saving her. It's Harvey. She asks what is he doing in the circus. Harvey tells her that she didn't think he'd let her fall, did she? Sabrina falls and lands on her bed. All signs of the circus are gone. Harvey is also gone. In the Spellman living room, Sabrina and Aaron are sitting on a couch watching the TV. Harvey comes by and tells her that he's sorry for walking off the day before, and he will always be there for her if you need him.

Updated: October 7, 2007

Original Air Date: February 14, 2003

Cast: MJH, NB, ED, SMF, NR, DN, BF (af), JLG (af), MMY (af)

Guests: Peter Scolari as Ringmaster. Christine Van Loo as acrobat. Albert Brown as acrobat. Bridget Flanery as Jill (archive footage). Jenna Leigh Green as Libby Chesler (archive footage). Melissa Murray as Cee Cee (archive footage).

#157: "Getting To Nose You"

Main Story: Sabrina plans to tells Aaron that she loves him while having dinner at his apartment, but she gets tongue-tied every time she tries to tell him. Aaron admits that he loves...the Red Sox. Harvey arrives at the Spellman house, and is so upset that Sabrina and Aaron are spending every moment together that he smacks his hand down the newly constructed piece of furniture apart. Harvey tells Morgan and Roxie that he would give anything for a second chance with Sabrina. Breaking up with her was the biggest regret of his life. Roxie tells Harvey that he needs to tell her. Morgan then hints that Sabrina plans to tell Aaron just that to him. Harvey tells them that he can't wait any longer and has to tell her. At Aaron's Apartment, Sabrina thinks to herself wondering why he won't say he loves her. Sabrina then casts a spell to help her hear what's on Aaron's mind. Sabrina tells Aaron that she feels that there's something he wants to tell her. Aaron tells her that she's got something in her teeth. At the Spellman living room, Sabrina returns from her date with Aaron. Harvey at the house still doesn't tell Sabrina how he feels about her. In Sabrina's bedroom, Sabrina tells Salem that she totally chickened out when she tried to tell Aaron that she loves him. Fortunately, she's found the perfect coach to help her express how I really feel. Cyrano De Bergerac... the big schnosed wordsmith who always knows exactly what to say. Sabrina found a spell for a slightly more personal version. She brings up Cyrano Sabrina in an 18th century outfit and a huge nose. Cyrano senses that Sabrina needs help in wooing Aaron. Sabrina tells her that she needs to tell Aaron she loves him. Cyrano senses that Sabrina fears rejection. At Eve's Diner, Cyrano and Sabrina sit facing each other. Sabrina tells Cyrano to be her cousin Sarah and is on a break from her day-job at the renaissance fair. Aaron comes over to say hello to them. Aaron has Sixpence None The Richer playing at his club and he is swamped. Aaron offers to take Sarah (Cyrano) to his club. Sabrina says that she'd love to, then rushes outside. At the Club Corn in Boston, Aaron is working the club and brings Sarah into the club. After Sarah tells off the two workers for making fun of her nose, Aaron is impressed the she knows how to speak her mind. Back at Sabrina's bedroom. Sabrina is wondering what's taking so long for Cyrano to talk to Sabrina. Salem suggests that Cyrano would end up wooing Aaron. Meanwhile, at Club Corn, Aaron shares a kiss with Sarah.

In the second half, a shocked Aaron pushes Sarah away. Aaron wonders what Sarah is doing to him. Aaron leaves to go check on something. Sabrina summons up Sarah (Cyrano) to her bedroom for an update, and wondering if Aaron loves Sabrina. Sarah leaks out that she kissed Aaron. In the living room, Sabrina tells Sarah that she trusts Aaron, but just in case, she needs to get the real story, so she casts a spell to get Sarah's long nose, while Sarah's shrinks to Sabrina's size, then Sabrina zaps herself gone. Sarah looks in the mirror and says taht she's a small nosed freak. Harvey enters with determination to say how he feels. Harvey sees Sarah, who looks like Sabrina, only Harvey doesn't know that Sarah isn't Sabrina. Sarah asks Harvey who he is, as she's never seen him before. Harvey tells Sarah, thinking she's Sabrina, that she's making a big mistake with Aaron, she claims to have feelings for him but she can't even bring herself to tell him. Harvey then tells Sarah that he has no problem telling her how I feels: "I love you, Sabrina." He kisses Sarah. Then, he pulls away, wondering how easy it was. Harvey wonders if she was Sabrina. Sarah tells Harvey that she's not Sabrina, but her personal Cyrano, tells him that he kisses better than Aaron, then leaves for Aaron's club in Harvey's car. Harvey goes to Aaron's club in Morgan's car. At Club Corn, Sabrina with a long nose is present. She meets up with Aaron, and she (as Sarah) tells him that they have to talk. Aaron, thinking Sabrina is Sarah, tells her that it was she that kissed her. Meanwhile, Sarah (Cyrano) looking like Sabrina walks into the two at the club. Aaron greets Sarah as Sabrina and tells her that he's glad to see her. He gives Sabrina (Sarah) a big welcoming kiss. Sarah (Sabrina) is shocked. Aaron leaves to let the two catch up, then exits. Sabrina gives Sarah her long nose back. She points at Sarah (Cyrano) to send her back, but gets nothing from her magic finger. Sabrina says it's weird as she's just had her twenty-five thousand ping service. Sarah leaves. Sabrina follows Sarah. At the entrance Roxie and Morgan enter and looking for Harvey. Meanwhile, by the pool table, Sabrina has caught up with Sarah, who challenges her to a duel with pool table sticks to their death. While Sixpence None The Richer perform on the stage, Sabrina and Sarah duke it out with pool table sticks. Harvey arrives in the club and holding a bouquet of flowers for Sabrina. While Sabrina and Sarah are fighting on the floor, Aaron butts in to break it up. On stage, Harvey was just about to make an announcement, when he hears Sabrina tell Sarah that she loves Aaron. Harvey hands the microphone back to the band and walks away. Sarah turns and walks away. Aaron tells Sabrina he loves her too. Sabrina goes back and finds Sarah by the pool table. Sarah tells Sabrina that she had to kiss Aaron and beat her soundly with a pool cue to get her to say it but it's all part of being a tragic hero, then she leaves just before Aaron arrives.

Updated: October 7, 2007

Original Air Date: February 21, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, DN, NR

Guests: Melissa Joan Hart plays Sabrina, Cyrano Sabrina, and Sarah Sixpence None The Richer play themselves. Paul Rae as Worker.

#158: "Romance Looming"

Main Story: At a department store, Morgan was about to walk into an open elevator shaft, when Sabrina rescues her from her deadly fall by pointing her finger, and a huge updraft blows Morgan backwards and back on the floor. Morgan is magically lifted back up from certain death. Later, in the Spellman livingroom, Morgan plans to be a dogooder. In Sabrina's bedroom, Sabrina is greeted by the Three Fates. They're the three girls who manipulate innocent peoples lives with cruel random acts. They're Paris, Mackenzie, and Ashley. They tell Sabrina that it was Morgan's turn to die, and since Sabrina didn't let that happen, they want to make Sabrina pay for that. After they disappear, Salem tells Sabrina, "Well, it's been nice knowing you, Sab." At the makeup department of the store where Morgan should have died, Sabrina gets Ashley to tell her how the Fats plan on killing her. Ashley tells her that Paris wanted some serious dismemberment and Mackenzie was lobbying for leprosy but they settled on Sabrina tripping over a rug this afternoon, hitting her head on the banister and going into a coma. Sabrina tells Ashley that she's sorry she stepped in and saved Morgan. Ashley tells Sabrina that she still has to be punished for that whole Morgan thing. Sabrina suggests for the Fates to make her stub her toe. In the Spellman living room, as Sabrina was entering the house, her toe catches on the edge of the carpet, and she falls forward towards the banister in slow motion. Her head misses the banister and she sprawls over the stairs. She quickly jumps up clutching her right toe in pain. Sabrina yells out "Thank you Ashley!" The dozen people in her living room watched in bewilderment wondering what she meant by that. In the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina meets up with the Three Fates again. They are furious that she took advantage of Ashley and plan to get back at her for that. Aaron walks into the kitchen and the Three Fates introduce themselves to him and figure out that he's the love of her life.

In the second half, in Sabrina's bedroom, Sabrina panickly looks for a spell in her magic book to stop the Three Fates. She finds one that says "To cheat death, the fates must be thwarted three times." At Eve's Diner, Sabrina stops Aaron from eating a burger. Aaron chokes on a fry. Sabrina grabs his head; tilting it back, puts her hand and most of her arm down his throat and pulls out the soggy fry. She calls it the Pez manoeuvre. The Three Fates are sitting by the counter table. She pulls Aaron up from his table and out of the diner. Once outside, Sabrina calls out "Flying death stars! Get down!" She jumps on Aaron, dragging him to the floor, as three razor sharp metal stars skim above his head and bury themselves into Eve's Diner's door frame. Sabrina tells Aaron that thaty came from the Chinese restaurant over there. They leave down the street. Later, down the street, Sabrina and Aaron were walking down the street, when a safe begins to fall on them. Sabrina looks up, then tells Aaron that it looks like rain. From nowhere, she produces an umbrella and puts it up. The two-ton safe bounces off the flimsy wire and canvas brolly and clanks to the street cracking a few flagstones. That was a very Loony Tunes scene. Aaron answers his cell phone Sabrina walks over to the three fates who are stood on the stoop of a tenement building with their hands on their hips. Sabrina tells them that she has thwarted them three times, so they lose and she wins. Whoo-hoo! Aaron tells Sabrina that he's the new head of A&R for Warner Records in Los Angeles and he's moving to Los Angeles to start the next day. Paris tells Sabrina that maybe they can't kill him, but good luck with that long distance thing. Sabrina loses and they win. Whoo-hoo! Sabrina comes back home. Sabrina tells Salem that the Fates are trying to break them up by moving him to Los Angeles, but she's not gonna let that happen. They're not the only ones that can do a little weaving. Sabrina and Salem zap themselves to the Fates' bedroom and show Salem that how he can do some weaving since Sabrina's no good with a needle. They found Aaron's tapestry. It's the one with his name on it. Sabrina and Salem got a little reweaving to do. After they do some reweaving, they zap themselves back into the Spellman living room. Aaron enters the house, and told Sanrina that he's not moving to Los Angeles...he's moving to Laos! Sabrina asks Aaron to excuse her and she runs up the stairs. Back at The Fates bedroom, Sabrina makes a change in Aaron's tapestry. She goes back to the Spellman living room, but Aaron tells her that he's been doing some research on the Internet and he thinks he has rickets. Sarbina and Salem go back to the Fates Bedroom to work on Aaron's tapestry. She comes back, and finds out that Aaron's had had an epiphany and is going to join a nunnery. Sabrina and Salem go back to the The Fates bedroom. Salem's claws work as a natural comb while he works on the tapestry. Sabrina paces nervously back and forth. The Three Fates return to their bedroom. A surprisd Sabrina tells them that "Oh, Hi. Oh, this isn't Atlantic City! Gotta go. Bye." She and Salem zap themselves out. The angry Three Fates plan to have some fun with Sabrina's tapestry. Sabrina and Salem return to the Spellman living room. Aaron reenters the house and proposes to Sabrina to marry him. A surprised Sabrina asks him if he's insane. Aaron tells her that it's he loves her and they belong together. It's fate. Aha! Sabrina storms off and zaps herself back to the Three Fates lair. Sabrina tells them that all she did was save her friend's life and all they've done since then is try to ruin hers, forcing Aaron to propose to her made a mockery of their entire relationship, and this ends here and now! The Fates tell Sabrina that they don't have to ruin her life; she's an expert at doing that all by herself.They tell her to just look at her tapestry, which is a mass of knotted thread. They told her that they had nothing to do with Aaron popping the question, and he got the ring before Sabrina saved Morgan from the elevator shaft fall. Sabrina zaps herself back to the Spellman living room, then zaps herself to the Boston International Airport. She catches Aaron there and apolgizes to her and to tell him that she loves him, and she just didn't think he was sincere about proposing to her, and she knew that they belonged together the very first moment she saw him. Aaron proposes to Sabrina to marry him. She said yes.

Updated: October 10, 2007

Original Air Date: February 27, 2003 (moved to Thursday nights)

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, DN

Guests: Sophia Bush as Fate Mackenzie. Marcus Folmar as Repairman. Jennifer Hall as Fate Ashley. Kevin Symons as Businessman. Christina Vidal as Fate Paris. Noel David Moore as Pete. Corey Large as Enrique. Joel Moore as ?.

#159: "Spellmanian Slip"

Main Story: Sabrina invies Aaron's parents to dinner. Aaron comes over before hand, telling her that his dad is a nuclear engineers, and his mom is an expert on relationships. He shows her his mom's book, "Shirey Jacobs: Not With My Son You Don't." He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves. Sabrina is way passed nervous about it. In the Spellman kitchen, Salem tells Sabrina that he wishes she was marrying Harvey. He's the only one who ever knew Salem was a person. Aaron's parents, Bob and Shirley, arrive. They greet Roxie, Morgan, and then Sabrina. Bob tells Sabrina that he hates small talk. Later, Roxie tells Bob that his cheap and deadly nuclear energy is slowly ruining the global ecosystem? Bob tells Roxie that they're working as fast as they can. Shirley grills Sabrina about her parents and her relationships. Sabrina tells her that she didn't take any of her relationships seriously. Shirley leaks out that Aaron was once engaged to Brenda. Sabrina takes Aaron to the foyer. Aaron tells Sabrina that he hasn't spoken to her in years. Harvey enters the house because Salem invited him over for dinner and fireworks. Sabrina tells Harvey that he can't stay, but Shirley invites Harvey to come over to sit by her and give her some insights about Sabrina. Shirley asks Harvey why Sabrina broke up with him. In the kitchen, Sabrina zaps in a container of Harmony Salt, and sprikles it on the crab cakes to help people get along. Sabrina enters the dining room and serves the crab cakes. They eat it, then break out in song and dance. It's Sabrina the Musical! Wait! Now, they're stealing ideas from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I guess they scriptwriters are stealing from Sarah Michelle Gellar's show again. Now we really know that the days of the teenage witch on the WB are almost over. Wonder if Buffy's writers stole ideas from Sabrina. That other show is also on its way to the series finale. After the song and dance number ended, Sabrina tells the folks to get back to arguing and quarrelling, then lets a Freudian slip out when she tells them that the most important thing to remember is that Aaron loves her and she loves Harvey. Five sets of eyes travel in shocked silence from Sabrina to Harvey, who's looking equally shocked but extremely pleased. Aaron is disappointed at what he hears.

In the second half, Sabrina then tells them that she didn't mean to say it and that Harvey's been on her mind a lot lately. A dejected Aaron and his parents leave the Spellman house. Sabrina talks to somebody at her Freudian slip, and zaps herself into the office of...Shirley Jacobs? Sabrina then tells Shirley that Freudian slip or not, she loves Aaron. Shirley tells Sabrina as a future mother in law to stay away from Aaron, then Shirley tells Sabrina as a professional that Sabrina doesn't know her own heart or what she wants, and she has to look deep within her heart and figure out what's really going on, then tells Sabrina she'll see her in four years! Sabrina comes back to the house and talks to Harvey in the kitchen. She tells him that she has to look deep within her heart and find out why she said it in the first place. So, when Melissa has a talk with her mother Paula, do they have a Hart to Hart talk? Anyway, Sabrina heads to her bedroom and opens her magic book. She points to the center of her room and a map of her heart appears. The are four main blocks on the map: the left and right ventricles and the left and right atriums. She presses the large red button and is instantly sucked into the map. Inside Sabrina's heart, Sabrina talks to the Curator who is excited to see her. She's inside her heart to look deep within it. They start at the left ventricle. She is shocked when she sees a huge crack in the blood red plaster of the wall that she's just passed. The Curator tells her that she's fine; every heart gets broken, and that is where Harvey broke hers. Further down the hallway she spots Aaron on a pedestal. They walk down the hall and enter a room where the walls are covered with posters of ice hockey stars and pennants. An old guitar is propped against a table and along one wall is a shelf with stereo and many sports trophies. A coffee table loaded down with snacks is beside a leather easy-boy chair and sitting in it playing on his Playstation 2 is Harvey. Sabrina wonders what's Harvey doing in her heart in his own room with a plasma screen TV. Is that real plasma? The Curator tells her that Harvey obviously occupies a very special place in her heart. Aaron is out in the hallway on a crumby pedestal because he's part of the heart's permanent collection and things in the hallway are just... temporary. Sabrina tells the Curator that Aaron is not temporary and they're getting married. The Curator tells her that she really hasn't known him that long. Sabrina tells the Curator that she has to make a room for Aaron, so she goes to the hallway and decides to build a room in her heart for Aaron. Later. Sabrina's in work clothes including a ‘Habitat for Aaron' T-shirt and a blood red hard hat and is sawing a wood board for Aaron's new room. Meanwhile, in Doctor Jacobs' office, Aaron tells his mother that Sabrina says she loves him and yet he has this constant feeling that he's just some guy passing through her life. Shirley tells Aaron that she really doesn't think that there's anything Sabrina can do to change how he feels. Aaron thinks that he should call the whole engagement thing off. In Sabrina's heart, Aaron's room in Sabrina's heart is finally built so Aaron can move into it. Meanwhile, once the room in Sabrina's heart is occupied, a spell casts upon Aaron, and he is spellbound; he changes his mind and thinks he loves her and he knows that the other night was just a horrible mistake as he has a special place in Sabrina's heart, then he leaves. At the Spellman back porch, Sabrina and Aaron share a kiss. Morgan and Roxie serve lunch. They each take a sandwich using sprinkles of Sabrina's Harmony salt, unaware of what it does. After they take a bite of their sandwiches, then the four break out in a song and dance once more with feeling.

Updated: October 10, 2007

Original Air Date: March 20, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, DN, NR

Guests: Dylan Cash as Billy Johnson. Robert Picardo as Bob Jacobs. Faith Prince as Shirley Jaco. Curator - Terry Sweeney as Curator.

#160: "You Slay Me"

Main Story: Sabrina and Aaron plan to have their wedding in her backyard, but she hasn't picked a maid of honor yet. Morgan and Roxie believe that they'll be her's. Sabrina brings Aaron to the bridal fair where he is the lone male. Sabrina tries on one wedding dress and thinks she looks like a princess, which inspires her to have a "princess wedding." Sabrina contacts Cinderella in her magic book for advice on planning the affair. Cinderella says that Sabrina should demand everything she wants. So, she starts going overboard and starts behaving like a spoiled actress, making unreasonable demands for her wedding. Roxie and Morgan decide to bail out on fighting for being the maid of honor after Sabrina turns into a fire-breathing monsteress. In the second half, Bridezilla, er, I mean Sabrina, gets so mad that she shakes the house when she stomps. Salem tries to reason with her and shows her that she's sported dragon legs and a tail under her wedding dress. She can't zap the dragon legs and tail away. Sabrina and Salem slip back to her house, and when she opens the front door, she is greeted with a surprise wedding shower put on by Roxie and Morgan. She has to wear her wedding dress to hide her dragon legs and tail. She enters her kitchen and runs into Aaron. Sabrina finally goes into her bedroom to get some advice from her magic book. Where is Cinderella. Salem says that she, Snow White, and Rapunzel are having a sleepover with pillowfights; now that's a fairy tale. Aaron demands to talk to Sabrina, who's barracaded herself in her room. Aaron don't know how much more of her quirky behaviour she can take. Sabrina rings the doorbell on the castle on her magic book, and she is transported into the castle to see Cinderella. Cinderella tells her that Prince Charming left her because she's not the perfect fairy tale wife, as she too has sported dragon legs and a tail. Sabrina forgot to think about the happily ever after part after being too focused on the wedding. Sabrina leaves the castle in the magic book, still sporting dragon legs and a tail. Aaron comes into Sabrina's bedroom, and tells him not to look at her. Aaron is telling Sabrina that it's their day, not just her's, and doesn't want to hear any more demands as he wants some input to their wedding. When Aaron proves that he's some kind of prince who's manned up in front of Sabrina, her dragon disappears and her legs return to normal. When he says that he's wearing a tux without tails, Sabrina says that she's right there with him. After the bridal shower, Sabrina apologizes to Morgan and Roxie for not being herself. Sabrina decided on a maid of honor...it's both Roxie and Morgan.

Updated: March 6, 2007

Original Air Date: March 27, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, DN

Guests: Dylan Cash as Billy. Trisha Hart as Saleslady #2. Tami Roman as Saleslady #1 (as Tami Anderson). Susan Yeagley as Cinderella Charming. Kerry Sable as Bride to Be, Stacey Ann Hollenberg as Tan Woman.

#161: "A Fish Tale"

Main Story: Roxie and Morgan are searching for a new roommate when Sabrina decides to move to L.A. and the other two stay in the Spellman house. Her Great Aunt Irma pops into the house and pays a surprise visit, telling Sabrina where she stands on marrying mortals. Irma thinks that she's marrying Harvey, but she isn't. Irma hopes that Sabrina is marrying a witch, but she isn't. Sabrina plays games and gives Irma the illusion that Aaron is a witch in order to concel the fact that she's marrying a mortal. Sabrina has to keep Irma believing that Aaron is a witch or else Irma will wreak havoc. Aaron shows up at the house. Sabrina tells Irma that she's insane and tells him to play along. Irma pops into the house. Irma thinking he's a witch asks questions about Aaron's life. When Aaron points to the table, Sabrina points her magic to materialize a dinner on top of it. Roxie and Morgan interview roommate prospects in a Happy Days type restauraunt. Aaron doesn't believe that Irma is over 1,000 years old and tells her that she doesn't look a day over 500. Irma is impressed. Aaron played along. Roxie and Morgan come back home and bring a prospective roommate Betty with them, and show them her new room. Sabrina returns to the dining room after being in the kitchen and Aaron tells her that Harvey is talking to Irma. Harvey tells Irma that Aaron is not a witch. Irma tells Sabrina that she lied, but Sabrina simply misled her, so Irma turned Aaron into a goldfish in a bowl. In the second half, Irma is still fuming over Sabrina planning to marry a mortal. Irma says she makes the rules because she's got the most magic and Sabrina called her a crone. Harvey apologizes to Sabrina for telling Irma that Aaron is a mortal and didn't do it on purpose, and he's always suspected that there was something ... fishy ... about Aaron. Sabrina uses a morse code on top of her magic book to send an S.O.S. alert to the Spellman family that Irma must be stopped. Irma turned Roxie and Morgan into cats after they startled her. Harvey tells Sabrina that Aaron the fish is left with Betty. Betty flushed Aaron the fish down the drain. Sabrina zaps her magic so that Betty takes care of the cats Morgan and Roxie. Sabrina and Roxie, and Salem, get themselves transported down the drain to find Aaron the fish in the sewer. She finds Aaron floating and...it's just an orange sock! Salem gets a bite on his fishing reel. Harvey uses a net to scoop up Aaron the fish. If Harvey has Aaron, then what has Salem got? It pulled Salem down. Back at home, Sabrina shows Irma a bag of water with Aaron the fish in it. Irma turned Betty into a cat. Sabrina asked Irma nicely to turn Aaron back into a man. She refused. Sabrina is left with no choice; Sabrina pours her magic into a vase, telling Irma that the only way to marry Aaron is to give up her magic. Irma won't turn Aaron back into a man though Sabrina is now a mortal. Sabrina tells Irma that she's going to marry Aaron the fish and storms off. Irma offers Harvey the vase with Sabrina's magic in it, and offers him to become an all powerful being with her magic. Sabrina puts Aaron the fish in a bathtub, then all of a sudden, Aaron returns to being a man. Sabrina explains that she put him in a bathtub with his clothes on. Sabrina goes downstairs and thanks Irma for turning him back into a man. Irma tells Sabrina that she gave Harvey Sabrina's magic. Irma explained that Sabrina was trying to undo Irma's spell, but Harvey used the magic to make Sabrina happy, so the magic from Harvey was a more powerful motive. Irma changes Roxie, Morgan, and Betty back into women. Sabrina leaves the house to look for Harvey. She enters Harvey's room, but it's empty and all there is inside is a box. Sabrina opens up the box and inside is a vase with Sabrina's magic, which moves itself back inside her. A note from Harvey says that he will always love her. Goodbye, Harvey.

Updated: March 6, 2007

Original Air Date: April 17, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, NR, DN, BE

Guests: Susan Slome as Betty. Britt Leary as young woman.

#162: "What a Witch Wants"

Main Story: Sarbina, Roxie, and Morgan take a cruise to celebrate Sabrina's upcoming wedding. Aaron stays at the Spellman house to watch over Salem. They're on a cruise alright, but it's not as hip as they thought. The people aboard must have been original viewers of The Love Boat or Lawrence Welk. Sabrina wishes that the cruise was more fun, then a bunch of young soccer dudes from Australia rolled into the room and entertain the chicks. Sabrina wishes that the cruise would do something about the music, and R&B singer Mario replaces the nostalgia music. What's going on? Sabrina is unwittingly getting her wishes granted. Sabrina wishes she had papaya, and gets it. Then she wished for it sliced, and it gets sliced. Then she chases the waitor. Sabrina finds out that she loses her magic power instead of her traverler's checques. Sabrina calls home and asks Salem what's going on with her magic. Salem tells her that her ship is passing through the Bermuda Triangle where witches lose their magic powers but can have their wishes granted. Sabrina guesses that she doesn't have a problem, then hangs up. Sabrina wishes that they have more popcorn shrimp after one waitor says they're out, then the purser comes in with more. Aaron puts Salem inside a cat crate after he rips up one of his shirts. Sabrina tells Roxie and Morgan that she's bothered by her thoughts of moving to L.A. while they stay behind in Boston. Sabrina wishes she knew if their friendship would survive, then the cruise hits an iceberg. An iceberg in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle? An iceberg in the tropical waters? Huh? In the second half, the ladies took a lifeboat to some island. Sabrina makes more wishes but they don't come true. A volcano nearby is ready to erupt. She meets Bob on the island. She asks about the wish thing, but Bob says that he can handle just one wish at a time. A tidal wave is coming to the island, then Bob disappears into thin air. Salem declares war on Aaron when he eats his leftover chicken salad. They survived the wave. A hurricane is coming ahead and they have to find shelter. The ladies have an argument. Salem feigns death as Aaron takes him out of the cat crate. While Aaron's back is turned, Salem escapes. The ladies argue over a lifeboat, which is blown away by the hurricane. The ladies team up to put together some kind of shelter with trees. Salem tricks Aaron into going outside, then slams the door on robe. Aaron leaves, but the door rips his robe, leaving him naked outside. The hurricane leaves the island and the ladies survived. Sabrina realizes that their friendship will survive as long as they all make the effort. The Australian soccer team finds the ladies and tells them that they're playing a soccer game on the island. The ladies go with the soccer dudes. The ladies return home. Aaron tells Sabrina that he's at the police station and needs clothes. Sabrina tells Salem that they're so getting a dog.

Updated: March 7, 2007

Original Air Date: April 24, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, DN

Guests: Derek Baynham as Soccer Player #1. David Leisure as Purser/Bob Bermuda. Ian Lyons as Waiter. Craig Robert Young as Soccer Player #1. Aaron Carter as Brian Wilson (uncredited), Mario as himself.

#163: "Soul Mates"

Main Story: It's the series finale of the show, barring any reunion specials or fan fiction for somebody without a life to make up what the eighth season would have been like. It's her wedding day. Sabrina wakes up. Salem says that she's nervous, frightened, and scared. Sabrina gets up and sees that she has her feet in blocks of ice. She gets her ice blocks off her feet. Morgan and Roxie wonder where the crushed ice came from. Sabrina tells Roxie she needs to collect her thoughts. Cousin Amanda zaps in. Sabrina is having doubts about the wedding and gets anxious about the whole day. She says she would like Harvey to be there but it's not possible. Aaron demands Sabrina to come down to see him. Aunt Hilda arrives with her llama. Sabrina and Hilda go to the kitchen to talk. In the kitchen, Hilda turns the llama back into Sabrina's mother Diana. Wher is aunt Zelda? She's a candlestick as part of a tradeoff by the Witches Council. Where did Amanda go? Harvey was riding his motrocycle along when Amanda zaps herself behind him in the seat. Harvey gets spooked and crashes his motorcycle. Amanda wants Harvey to attend Sabrina's wedding, but Harvey says that there is no way he is going even though she tells her that Sabrina wants him to attend. Amanda zaps in a pay phone and a new motorcycle for Harvey. Sabrina is doubting so much that Doubt pays her a visit, sensing that there is a whole lot of doubt going on. Doubt gives Sabrina the essence of who Aaron is in an image in a soul stone he got from the North Star. Doubt asks whether Sabrina and Aaron are really soul mates. He says that if Sabrina's soul stone at the North Star fits with Aaron's soul stone, then they were meant to be with each other. The answer to her question is waiting for her at the North Star. Doubt exits. Sabrina tells Morgan that she needs two minutes. Sabrina decides to zap herself to the North Star. She disappears. Morgan opens the door a second later and is surprised to see Sabrina gone. Sabrina arrives at the North Star to pick up her soul stone, then returns home. She fits the two soul stones together, but they don't quite fit together. Sabrina has doubts about the wedding and asks if she should say "I almost do?". In the second half, we're at the wedding chapel. Sabrina tries to fit the two soul stones together by filing the edges of the jagged edges, but she's gotten pretty close to having the two soul stones fit. Morgan, Roxie, Diana, Hilda, and Shirley enter the room and wondering why Sabrina isn't ready. Aaron shows up at the room to talk to Sabrina who tells him that she's nervous and anxious. Aaron says that he's having doubts about the wedding, but says that life doesn't have any guarantees and can work on making each other happy. He convinces her to go on with the wedding. Amanda shows up at the wedding as the flower girl. Harvey is out by a store, and sees a box on the seat of his motorcycle. Edward shows up to give his daughter Sabrina away. Sabrina notices that the bracelet Morgan handed her was the one Harvey gave her back in high school six seasons ago, and she tells Edward to take it off. It's the bracelet that says 12:36, the time that they met. Diana and Hilda in the chapel sees a mini Sabrina asking for advice in the room. The two leave to meet Sabrina. Sabrina tells them about Doubt and the two soul stones that don't fit together. Diana says that what matters is what's in her heart. Hilda tells Sabrina that the universe is not against her wedding. Finally, Sabrina is escorted by Edward to the altar. Sabrina starts saying her vows, then stops the vows to talk with Aaron. Sabrina says he's a wonderful guy, Aaron tells her that they're not two halves of a whole, and all he wants is for her to be happy, but if they're not soul mates, then they should not be getting married. Sabrina apologizes, but Aaron says she's not sorry. After the talk, Sabrina says that the festivities are over and the wedding is off. Sabrina walks out of the chapel and is greeted by Harvey who came to the chapel on his motorcycle. Harvey has a soul stone in his hand. Let's back up a minute. When Harvey came out of the store and saw the box, his soul stone was in it, and somehow, he was convinced that he had to go to the chapel to see Sabrina. The planting of the box was done by Amanda to get him to come to the wedding. Harvey says that he's not sure what the piece of glass is (the soul stone) but something told him that he'll find his answer at the chapel. Sabrina said that she thinks she just found her's, then runs over to Harvey and share a kiss. The guests come out and say that it's about time, except for Zelda the candle who just lights up. Sabrina and Harvey wave goodbye as they toss their soul stones behind them, not seeing that when they land on the ground, the two stones magically fit together. Sabrina and Harvey smile and ride off where their future awaits. Edward looks at his watch and it says that it's 12:36 on the dot.

Updated: March 7, 2007

Original Air Date: April 24, 2003

Cast: MJH, ED, NB, SMF, NR, DN, CR, EH, AM

Guests: Leslie Gilliams as Best Man. Joe Howard as Minister. Patrick Kerr as Doubt. Faith Prince as Shirley Jacobs. Doug Sheehan as Edward Spellman. Robert Picardo as Bob Jacobs.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 7 (2002-2003)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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