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Hot in Cleveland Episode Guide Season 4

The Man That Got Away - Episode: 424 | Aired: September 04, 2013
It's the big day of Victoria's wedding to incarcerated movie star Emmet Lawson. Elka helps Joy reunite with herbaby daddy, who she hasn't seen in thirty two years.Guest star: Craig Ferguson

Love Is All Around - Episode: 423 | Aired: September 04, 2013
Elka and Mamie reunite their bowling team. Joy, Victoria & Melanie date a professor, director & surgeon.Guest stars: Georgia Engel, Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman, Valerie Harper, George Hamilton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

All My Exes - Episode: 420 | Aired: August 28, 2013
Stuck in the hospital on the day of her bachelorette trip, Victoria contacts her many ex-husbands to find out where things went wrong. Joy and Melanie fantasize over a man in a coma and Elka and Mamie bring Vegas to Cleveland.Guest stars: Enrico Colantoni, Georgia Engel, Kelly Schumann

Corpse Bride - Episode: 419 | Aired: August 21, 2013
Melanie gets her dream engagement ring, but not the way she expected, Joy deals with mysterious family issues, and Victoria tests a new product from the Mrs. Ladypants line. Elka and Mamie test jokes for a Senior Center roast.Guest stars: Georgia Engel, Yeardley Smith

Cleveland Indians - Episode: 416 | Aired: August 14, 2013
Lying to Cleveland's top pediatrician leads Joy to host a traditional Indian dinner party. When Victoria's wedding planner arrives, the stage is set for a classic farce--appropriate as Elka auditions for a play.Guest star: Michael Urie

Look Whos Hot Now - Episode: 422 | Aired: August 07, 2013
While preparing for a "Hot in Cleveland" show taping, the ladies are surprised by a special guest and begin to reminisce about theirfavorite moments and bloopers from Season 4.

The Fixer - Episode: 415 | Aired: July 31, 2013
Melanie, reeling from her break-up, finds a rebound in alcohol and the unsavory Danny. Victoria hires a shady lawyer to help her jailed fiance while Joy and Elka get competitive in film class. A conflict of interest causes Melanie to juggle two men, including blast from the past: Dr. Everett. Guest Stars: Tom Arnold, Jack Wagner

No Glove, No Love - Episode: 417 | Aired: July 24, 2013
The ladies try to make Wilbur's first birthday memorable and Melanie and Alec contemplate what it would be like to have a family together.Guest star: Jay Harrington

Pony Up - Episode: 418 | Aired: July 17, 2013
Victoria acts as a spokesmodel and inadvertently commits to a very generous donation on national TV. Joy works with private investigator, Bob, and reunites with hot Brony fireman, Sean.Guest stars: Eddie Cibrian, Dave Foley

The Proposal - Episode: 414 | Aired: July 10, 2013
Between Victoria's five marriages and Emmet's four, Emmet enlists the ladies' help in finding a surprising way to propose, but Victoria is not the only one in for a surprise. Guest Star: Alan Dale

Canoga Falls - Episode: 421 | Aired: June 26, 2013
Victoria's sister tricks her into coming home for a visit. She and the ladies find her mother Penny in an alarming state. Joy and Melanie re-visit the '70s. Elka gives Penny advice. Guest Stars: Jean Smart, Carol Burnett

It's Alive! - Episode: 413 | Aired: June 19, 2013
When Elka and Mamie's illegal business activities put them all in danger, Joy, Melanie, and Victoria step in to save the day and wind up getting help from a local mobster and his mother.Guest stars: Brian Baumgartner, Georgia Engel, Shirley Jones, Danny Pudi, William Shatner

What Now, My Love? - Episode: 412 - Aired: February 13, 2013
Victoria's movie is ending and she's unsure where that leaves her relationship with Emmet. Melanie wonders where her relationship with Alec is going. Joy uncovers something mysterious about Elka during her new internship. Guest stars: Alan Dale, Jay Harrington, Dave Foley

Fast and Furious - Episode: 411 - Aired: February 06, 2013
At a rustic spa retreat, Joy tests her newfound sleuthing skills on a suspicious Yogi. Victoria learns what it means to be a responsible friend. Mamie confronts Elka about her bossiness. Melanie's fasting causes hallucinations.Guest stars: Ed Begley Jr., Georgia Engel, Kevin Farley, Carter Oosterhouse

The Anger Games - Episode: 410 - Aired: January 30, 2013
Melanie sets Joy up with her boyfriend's friend, Bill. Elka takes over as Victoria's agent. Secrets and gossip circulate and come to a head at the ladies' monthly game night. Guest stars: Jay Harrington, Cameron Mathison

The Conversation - Episode: 409 - Aired: January 23, 2013
Victoria has doubts about her relationship with Emmet when Nikki, a woman from his past, shows up. Meanwhile, Melanie and Elka deal with an unwanted house guest. Joy falls for a handsome doctor but he has just one flawGuest stars: Heather Dubrow, Alan Dale, Robbie Amell

Extras - Episode: 407 - Aired: January 16, 2013
Melanie wants her first time with Alec to be perfect but ends up "fake-porning" it. Joy works as an extra on Victoria and Emmet's movie and meets a forbidden love interest. Elka and Mamie are bad influences on baby Wilbur. Guest stars: Nicholoas Bishop, Alan Dale, Georgia Engel

Magic Diet Candy - Episode: 408 - Aired: January 09, 2013
Joy's mom meets her new family members at Wilbur's christening. To avoid friction with her mom, Joy makes her son Owen pretend to be someone else. Elka touches up a church fresco. Victoria's incessant Emmet talk annoys Melanie. Guest stars: Juliet Mills, Michael McMillian, Alan Ruck

Cleveland Fantasy Con - Episode: 406 - Aired: January 02, 2013
Melanie's embroiled in an office love triangle. Joy learns a tidbit about Sean that threatens her fireman fantasy. Victoria's insecurity about dating a movie star leads her to extremes. Elka and Mamie have a run-in with the law. Guest stars: Heather Locklear, Jay Harrington, Eddie Cibrian, Georgia Engel

A Box Full of Puppies - Episode #405 - Aired: Dec 26, 2012
During a trip to the vet, Elka tries to teach Mamie how to flirt. Joy's turned on by the idea of male pet-owners - especially when a smoldering fireman walks in. Victoria's interviewed by her daughter about second acts in life. Guest stars: Eddie Cibiran, Georgia Engel, Lauren Lapkus, Fred Willard (20:30)

GILFS - Episode #404 - Aired: Dec 19, 2012
Melanie drives herself crazy wondering if Alec heard her confess her feelings for him. Elka and Mamie scam Joy into helping them with their new business. Victoria and her costar fake being lovers as a publicity stunt. Guest stars: Alan Dale, Georgia Engel, Jay Harrington, Pat Harrington (20:30)

Method Man - Episode #403 - Aired: Dec 12, 2012
Victoria schemes to get to the bottom of her co-star's true intentions. Joy is still trying to fit in at college while Elka befriends the popular girls. Meanwhile, Melanie gets herself into a dishonest situation. Guest stars: Alan Dale, Jay Harrington (20:30)

A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy - Episode #402 - Aired: Dec 5, 2012
Melanie's boss puts her in an awkward position with her attractive co-worker, while Joy is self-conscious about fitting in at college. Meanwhile, Victoria's director asks her to change her appearance, and Elka keeps a secret.Guest stars: Heather Locklear, Jay Harrington (20:30)

That Changes Everything - Episode #401 - Aired: Nov 28, 2012
Joy is surprised that Owen is the fatherof the baby that was left on the doorstep which makes her a grandmother. After being brushed off by Pierre, Elka decides to make him jealous by going out

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