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Friends Episode Guide Season 9

The One Where No One Proposes
Episode: 195 | Aired: September 26, 2002
Following the birth of her baby, Rachel finds herself engaged to Joey, much to everyone else's including Joey's confusion.

The One Where Emma Cries
Episode: 196 | Aired: October 03, 2002
Joey and Ross' miscommunication over Rachel and the engagement lands someone in the hospital. Meanwhile, Rachel looks for a solution to stop Emma's crying.

The One With The Pediatrician
Episode: 197 | Aired: October 10, 2002
Ross is forced to admit that he still sees a pediatrician, when Rachel asks Ross about his childhood doctor for Emma.

The One With The Sharks
Episode: 198 | Aired: October 17, 2002
While Phoebe's love life is finally looking up, Monica is concerned that hers is going downhill, when she walks in on Chandler and thinks she discovers his weird new fetish.

The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
Episode: 199 | Aired: October 31, 2002
While Phoebe and Joey are waiting for them at a restaurant, and Rachel and Ross get locked out of their apartment with the baby still inside.

The One With The Male Nanny
Episode: 200 | Aired: November 07, 2002
Rachel hires a new oversensitive nanny. When Phoebe's ex-boyfriend comes to town, she is torn between spending time with him or her new boyfriend. Guest Stars: Freddie Prinze Jr., Hank Azaria, Paul Rudd

The One With Ross' Inappropriate Song
Episode: 201 | Aired: November 14, 2002
Chandler thinks that he finds a videotape of Monica and her ex-boyfriend having sex.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister
Episode: 202 | Aired: November 21, 2002
Both Chandler and Rachels visiting sister, Amy, are upset that they are not being considered as adoptive parents of Emma, should an accident befall Ross and Rachel. Guest Star: Christina Applegate

The One With Rachel's Phone Number
Episode: 203 | Aired: December 05, 2002
While out with Phoebe, Rachel impulsively gives a guy her phone number, and then tries everything to prevent Ross from answering the phone.

The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Episode: 204 | Aired: December 12, 2002
Chandler gets stuck having to spend Christmas in Tulsa, and Monica is worried when she discovers that a beautiful female co-worker is stuck there with him. Guest Star: Selma Blair

The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Episode: 205 | Aired: January 09, 2003
Much to her surprise, Rachel finds out that someone has been working in her office while she has been on maternity leave, prompting an immediate, unplanned return.

The One With Phoebe's Rats
Episode: 206 | Aired: January 16, 2003
Phoebe convinces Mike to help her take care of some baby rats, while Ross tries to keep Joey away from Emma's beautiful new nanny. Guest Stars: Paul Rudd, Melissa George

The One Where Monica Sings
Episode: 207 | Aired: January 30, 2003
While Rachel tries to sort out her feelings for her handsome new co-worker, Monica puts on quite a show at the local karaoke bar. Guest Star: Dermot Mulroney

The One With The Blind Dates
Episode: 208 | Aired: February 06, 2003
Joey and Phoebe try to intentionally set up Rachel and Ross on horrible blind dates, in the hope that afterward, they will get back together.

The One With The Mugging
Episode: 209 | Aired: February 13, 2003
Joey tries to impress a famous actor, using a rather unconventional method. Meanwhile, Chandler takes an internship and discovers that he is the oldest person in the program. Guest Star: Jeff Goldblum

The One With The Boob Job
Episode: 210 | Aired: February 20, 2003
When Chandler discovers that Monica secretly borrowed money from Joey, Joey makes up a reason why she needed it, sending Chandler into a tailspin.

The One With The Memorial Service
Episode: 211 | Aired: March 13, 2003
Ross and Chandler play pranks on each other, via their respective colleges' alumni websites.

The One With The Lottery
Episode: 212 | Aired: April 03, 2002
All of the friends pool their money to buy dozens of lottery tickets, but when they find out that Monica bought some just for herself breaking their pact chaos ensues.

The One With Rachel's Dream
Episode: 213 | Aired: April 17, 2003
After rehearsing a love scene with Joey, Rachel finds herself suddenly having a romantic dream about him.

The One With The Soap Opera Party
Episode: 214 | Aired: April 24, 2003
Ross is intimidated by his beautiful colleague's list of ex-boyfriends, and is too shy to make a move. Joey, on the other hand, is not.

The One With The Fertility Test
Episode: 215 | Aired: May 01, 2003
Chandler and Monica have some tests done to determine why they haven't been able to conceive.

The One With The Donor
Episode: 216 | Aired: May 08, 2003
When Monica and Chandler learn that they can't conceive naturally, they begin to mull over their options.

The One in Barbados (1)
Episode: 217 | Aired: May 15, 2003
After Ross is selected to give the keynote address at a paleontologists' convention in Barbados, the whole crew travels with him. Chaos ensues when his speech is accidentally erased.

The One in Barbados (2)
Episode: 218 | Aired: May 15, 2003
After Ross is selected to give the keynote address at a paleontologists' convention in Barbados, the whole crew travels with him. Chaos ensues when his speech is accidentally erased.

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