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Andy Griffith Show Episode Guide Season 6

Opie's Job
Episode: 160 | Aired: September 13, 1965
When Opie wrecks his bike, he decides to compete with another boy for a grocery store job. Look For: Goober gives Opie advice on how to apply for a job.

Andy's Rival
Episode: 161 | Aired: September 20, 1965
Andy worries that he is losing Helen to another teacher who seems to be an expert at everything.

The Bazaar
Episode: 162 | Aired: October 11, 1965
Andy is irate at his new deputy, Warren Ferguson, when he enforces the full letter of the law. Factoid: This episode marks the first appearance of Jack Burns as the new deputy.

Aunt Bee, The Swinger
Episode: 163 | Aired: October 04, 1965
Aunt Bee begins dating an ex-congressman named John Canfield. Guest Star: Bullwinkle fans may recognize the voice of John Canfield (Charlie Ruggles) as the narrator of the Aesop's Fables segments.

A Warning From Warren
Episode: 164 | Aired: October 18, 1965
Warren believes that his powers of ESP are telling him to keep Andy and Helen from going to a picnic at Myers Lake.

Off To Hollywood
Episode: 165 | Aired: October 25, 1965
Andy decides to take Aunt Bee and Opie with him to watch the filming of the story of his life, Sheriff without a Gun, in Hollywood. Look For: Andy and Opie in their matching outfits.

Taylor's in Hollywood
Episode: 166 | Aired: November 01, 1965
Andy and Opie are shocked to see how horrible the production of Sheriff without a Gun is, but Aunt Bee thinks it's great. Look For: Andy's calls to Belmont Picture Studios that all seem to end up at the tailor's shop.

The Hollywood Party
Episode: 167 | Aired: November 08, 1965
Andy falls for the beautiful actress who stars in Sheriff without a Gun. Back in Mayberry, Helen gets suspicious. Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Miss Darlene Mason and Sid Melton as publicist Pat Michaels. Melton also played carpenter Alf Monroe on Green Acres.

Aunt Bee On TV
Episode: 168 | Aired: November 15, 1965
Aunt Bee begins getting on her friend's nerves when she brags about winning on a game show while in California. Guest Star: William Christopher as IRS agent Heathcote. He was a regular on Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. M*A*S*H fans will recognize him as Father Mulcahy.

The Cannon
Episode: 169 | Aired: November 22, 1965
Andy makes the mistake of allowing Warren to be in charge of security during the Founder's Day celebration. Look For: The insider joke when the band director mentions that Jesse Earle Hagen will be coming to play with the Mayberry Marching Band. The real Earle Hagen wrote the music for the show and even whistles in its theme song.

A Man's Best Friend
Episode: 170 | Aired: November 29, 1965
Gullible Goober is taken in by Opie and a mischievous friend when they secretly plant a small walkie-talkie under Goober's dog's collar. Factoid: Goober's dog's name is Spot.

Aunt Bee Takes A Job
Episode: 171 | Aired: December 06, 1965
Aunt Bee decides to take a job as a receptionist at a new printing shop in Mayberry. Too bad she doesn't wonder why her bosses only use green ink.

The Church Organ
Episode: 172 | Aired: December 13, 1965
Clara Edwards turns on her feminine charms in order to secure a new church organ. Look For: Andy quieting a laughing Opie in church.

Episode: 173 | Aired: December 20, 1965
Warren's bad habit of sleepwalking gets him in hot water with Andy and Helen.

Malcolm At The Crossroads
Episode: 174 | Aired: September 27, 1965
Malcolm Merriweather (Bernard Fox) and Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) make their final appearances in this episode about which one of the two is the best school crossing guard. Look For: Goober's impression of Cary Grant.

Otis The Artist
Episode: 175 | Aired: January 03, 1966
Warren attempts to stop Otis from drinking by getting him interested in mosaics.

The Legend Of Barney Fife
Episode: 177 | Aired: January 17, 1966
Warren begins to question if Barney Fife was the great deputy that he always thought he was.

Lost And Found
Episode: 178 | Aired: January 24, 1966
Aunt Bee frets when she loses a family heirloom. Guest Star: Jack Dodson as insurance man Ed Jenkins; in the following season, he would return as regular cast member Howard Sprague.

Wyatt Earp Rides Again
Episode: 179 | Aired: January 31, 1966
A traveling Wild West show comes to town, featuring the great-nephew of famed lawman Wyatt Earp.

Aunt Bee Learns To Drive
Episode: 180 | Aired: February 07, 1966
Goober takes on the difficult task of attempting to teach Aunt Bee how to drive. Look For: The scene where Floyd tells Andy that the dingo dog is from Australia.

Look Paw, I'm Dancing
Episode: 181 | Aired: February 14, 1966
Opie doesn't want to go to this year's school party, because it is going to be a dance and he has two left feet.

The Gypsies
Episode: 182 | Aired: February 21, 1966
When Andy orders a group of gypsies to leave town, they put a curse on Mayberry in the form of a drought. Guest Star: Jamie Farr (Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H) as Sylvio

Eat Your Heart Out
Episode: 183 | Aired: February 28, 1966
Goober falls head over heels in love with the new waitress at the Mayberry Diner. Look For: The rarely-seen candy store.

A Baby In The House
Episode: 184 | Aired: March 07, 1966
Aunt Bee is beside herself when her niece's baby cries every time she picks her up. Guest Star: The door-to-door kitchenware salesman is played by Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball on Green Acres).

The County Clerk
Episode: 185 | Aired: March 14, 1966
Andy tries his best to get County Clerk Howard Sprague out from under his mother's apron strings. Look For: The way that Helen gets Andy to do her bidding.

The Foster Lady
Episode: 186 | Aired: March 21, 1966
Aunt Bee is selected to appear as the spokeswoman on a television commercial for Foster's Furniture Polish.

Goober's Replacement
Episode: 187 | Aired: March 28, 1966
When Goober leaves for a fishing trip, his pretty girlfriend Flora proves to be a rousing success as his replacement at Wally's service station.

The Battle Of Mayberry
Episode: 188 | Aired: April 04, 1966
Opie proves to be the most unpopular person in town when he brings to light the shocking truth about the infamous Battle of Mayberry. Factoid: The Grand Theatre was in Mt. Airy during Andy Griffith's childhood. The building has since been turned into offices.

A Singer In Town
Episode: 189 | Aired: April 11, 1966
Aunt Bee and Clara Edwards are outraged when their beautiful ode to Mayberry, My Hometown, is turned into a rock 'n' roll song. Guest Star: Jesse Pearson played Conrad Birdie in the 1963 hit movie, Bye Bye Birdie.

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