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Cheers Episode Guide Season 9

Love is a Really, Really Perfectly Okay Thing
Episode: 195 | Aired: September 20, 1990
Rebecca and Sam deny any sexual wrongdoing, and she vows to stand by Robin when he turns himself in to the authorities. The Cheers gang asks Sam for details about his encounter with Rebecca, but he tries to play the gentleman.

Cheers Fouls Out
Episode: 196 | Aired: September 27, 1990
Sam calls on his old friend, Boston Celtics star Kevin McHale, to help them win their annual basketball game against their long-time rivals at Gary's Old Towne Tavern.

Rebecca Redux
Episode: 197 | Aired: October 04, 1990
Sam hires an old baseball buddy to assist him in working all of the modern office equipment Rebecca installed when she was manager. Rebecca accepts a job as 'Miss Miracle' at the local auto show, but later returns to Cheers.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name
Episode: 198 | Aired: October 11, 1990
With Robin jailed and his fortune lost, the press goes wild trying to discover the identity of the woman he gave himself up for. Robin's French girlfriend appears on The Arsenio Hall Show and identifies herself as the mystery woman. Sam visits Robin in prison and convinces him to give the press Rebecca's name.

Ma Always Liked You Best
Episode: 199 | Aired: October 18, 1990
Mrs. Clavin returns to Boston and tries to move in with Cliff. Unwanted by her son, Woody invites her to stay with him. Taking to each other immediately, Ma Clavin and Woody forge a pseudo mother/son relationship and a 'sibling' rivalry ensues between Cliff and Woody.

Episode: 200 | Aired: October 25, 1990
Norm takes action when he discovers his favorite eating establishment, The Hungry Heifer, is marked for demolition.

Breaking In Is Hard To Do
Episode: 201 | Aired: November 01, 1990
Lilith tries to be a stay-at-home mom. Rebecca plans an illicit 'conjugal visit' with Robin.

Anniversary Show (Part I)
Episode: 202 | Aired: November 08, 1990
In this special, hour-long celebration of Cheers' 200th show, Shelley Long rejoins the rest of the gang for a unique look back at the past eight years. The entire cast, as well as the show's creators and writers have assembled before a live audience in an auditorium for a discussion led by famed moderator John McLaughlin.

Anniversary Show (Part II)
Episode: 203 | Aired: November 08, 1990
In this special, hour-long celebration of Cheers' 200th show, Shelley Long rejoins the rest of the gang for a unique look back at the past eight years. The entire cast, as well as the show's creators and writers have assembled before a live audience in an auditorium for a discussion led by famed moderator John McLaughlin.

Bad Neighbor Sam
Episode: 204 | Aired: November 15, 1990
Sam is driven crazy by the new clientele brought in by the new owner of Melville's, the restaurant above Cheers.

Episode: 205 | Aired: November 22, 1990
Woody is cast as 'Veggie-Boy' in a TV commercial for a vegetable drink.

Norm And Cliff's Excellent Adventure
Episode: 206 | Aired: December 06, 1990
Norm and Cliff play practical jokes on the Cheers gang.

Woody Interruptus
Episode: 207 | Aired: December 13, 1990
Kelly returns from France accompanied by her photography teacher, Henri. Woody and Kelly go to a hotel to 'consummate' their relationship, but decide they are not ready.

Honor Thy Mother
Episode: 208 | Aired: January 03, 1991
Carla's mother asks her to grant her dying wish to continue a family tradition and give one of her male children the first name of her father and the maiden name of her mother. The combination of names is Benito Mussolini.

Achilles Hill
Episode: 209 | Aired: January 10, 1991
Sam starts dating the owner of Melville's daughter just to spite him. However, Sam ends up falling for the girl.

Days of Wine and Neuroses
Episode: 210 | Aired: January 24, 1991
When Rebecca receives a marriage proposal in a letter from her jailed lover, Robin, Lilith throws a bridal shower for her. Rebecca drinks too much and proclaims that she loves Sam, not Robin.

Wedding Bell Blues
Episode: 211 | Aired: January 31, 1991
Rebecca leaves Robin at the altar.

I'm Getting My Act Together And Sticking It In Your Face
Episode: 212 | Aired: February 07, 1991
Rebecca, depressed after deserting Robin at the altar, runs off to San Diego. Upon her return she tells Sam she wants to buy Cheers from him.

Sam Time Next Year
Episode: 213 | Aired: February 14, 1991
Woody drives Sam to a cabin for his annual date with an ex-girlfriend. To give the lovers privacy, Woody stays in the car all night.

Crash Of The Titans
Episode: 214 | Aired: February 21, 1991
Rebecca and Sam enter a bidding war for purchase of the bathrooms and pool room at Cheers, owned by John Hill of Melville's.

It's A Wonderful Wife
Episode: 215 | Aired: February 28, 1991
Vera has a brief stint as a coat check girl at Melville's. The gang at Cheers struggles to arrange a birthday party for Frasier.

Cheers Has Chill
Episode: 216 | Aired: March 14, 1991
Rebecca turns the pool room at Cheers into a tea room. It fails to bring in patrons until Woody starts serving his homemade chili.

Carla Loves Clavin
Episode: 217 | Aired: March 21, 1991
Carla enters the Miss Boston Barmaid contest and Cliff tricks her into thinking he is one of the judges.

Pitch It Again, Sam
Episode: 218 | Aired: March 28, 1991
Sam pitches against an old baseball rival. Woody adopts a Dalmatian puppy.

Rat Girl
Episode: 219 | Aired: April 04, 1991
Frasier fears Lilith is losing her mind when she is overcome with grief over the death of one of her laboratory rats. Rebecca struggles to adopt new healthy habits and tries to include the bar regulars in the process.

Home Malone
Episode: 220 | Aired: April 25, 1991
While babysitting for Fredrick, the toddler son of Frasier and Lilith, Sam locks himself out of the house. Kelly starts waitressing at Cheers.

Uncle Sam Wants You
Episode: 221 | Aired: May 02, 1991
After developing a loving bond with Frasier and Lililth's son, Sam decides he wants to become a father. Rebecca agrees to be the mother of his child.

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