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Clarissa Explains It All Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Revenge
Original Air Date - 1 March 1991
Ferguson brings Clarissa's training bra to school. Clarissa plots to get revenge with Sam's help.

Season 1, Episode 2: School Picture
Original Air Date - 27 April 1991
Clarissa wants to express herself and her individuality but her mother wants her to dress more conservative or ( dweeby) for picture day.

Season 1, Episode 3: No T.V.
Original Air Date - 23 March 1991
Mother Janet makes a( no tv for the week ) rule. Rest of family stoops to desperate measures to catch a glimpse of their favorite TV show.

Season 1, Episode 4: Urge to Drive
Original Air Date - 4 May 1991
To earn money to buy a used car clarrisa takes to selling Christmas Cards in July.

Season 1, Episode 5: Clarissa News Network
Original Air Date - 6 April 1991
Clarissa wants to be the next Jane Pauley. Mom is having a life crisis.

Season 1, Episode 6: Haunted House
Original Air Date - 13 April 1991
Clarissa's aunt is visiting and she pretends the house is haunted hoping her aunt will leave early. Turns out Aunt is a fan of the supernatural.

Season 1, Episode 7: Bully
Original Air Date - 11 May 1991
Ferguson is being nice and has Clarissa very concerned.

Season 1, Episode 8: New Addition
Original Air Date - 20 April 1991
Clarissas parents want to have another baby. Ferguson and Clarissa hatch a plot to convince their parents it would be a bad idea.

Season 1, Episode 9: Brain Drain
Original Air Date - 18 May 1991
Ferguson scores high on an IQ test and convinces himself he's a genius. Now hes out to conquer the game show world!

Season 1, Episode 10: Clarissa Makes a Cake
Original Air Date - 25 May 1991
Clarissa and Sam set out to bake a cake for the parents anniversery. Watch Out!

Season 1, Episode 11: Parents Who Say No!
Original Air Date - 15 June 1991
Clarissa wants to get a job at the local carnival but mom and dad think she is not mature enough yet. When they finally give in, Clarissa wishes they hadn't!

Season 1, Episode 12: Cool Dad
Original Air Date - 8 June 1991
Clarissa teaches dad how to be ( hip ) for her school's career night.

Season 1, Episode 13: Sick Days
Original Air Date - 1 June 1991
Clarissa dosent want to be in the boring school pageant so she fakes being sick. But when the pageant gets revamped she wants in. Too late, now that she's really ill.

Season 1, Episode 14: Episode #1.14
Original Air Date - ????

Season 1, Episode 15: Episode #1.15
Original Air Date - ????

Season 1, Episode 16: Episode #1.16
Original Air Date - ????

Season 1, Episode 17: Episode #1.17
Original Air Date - ????

Season 1, Episode 18: House Party
Original Air Date - 29 March 1991

Clarissa Explains It All Season 1 (1991)
Melissa Joan Hart and cast / Video (May 17, 2005)

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Plot Outline: Clarissa Explains It All focuses on the life of teenage Clarissa and her family, consisting of her annoying know-it-all younger brother, Ferguson, her eccentric health-conscious mother, Janet and her architect father, Marshall.

Also contains Special Features of Melissa John Hart on MTV Show Cribs. A Nick Time Capsule. 1991-1993. Full screen format/ Dolby Digital.

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