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Everybody Loves Raymond Episode Guide Season 3

The Invasion
Episode: 048 | Aired: September 21, 1998
When Rays house is tented for termites, he moves his entire family into his parents house and gives Frank and Marie a taste of their own medicine. Maries initial excitement that Raymond has come home! quickly fades when the worlds greatest home intruders start to feel intruded upon. Sensing her in-laws growing frustration with the disturbance of their daily routine, Debra decides to have a little fun at their expense and help them like they always claim to be helping her -- until she and Ray realize that once again, they just cant win the game.

Driving Frank
Episode: 049 | Aired: September 28, 1998
After Frank has one accident too many, Debra decides that the kids cant ride with him anymore, which makes Raymond realize that his dad is getting older. Not only did Frank back into Roberts patrol car, but further investigation reveals that his drivers license is expired! Uncomfortable with the fact the hes not a safe driver anymore, Debra decides she doesnt want the kids in his car. But the most uncomfortable part for Ray is thinking about the fact that his parents are really getting older -- and unsafe driving is only the beginning of the journey.

The Sitter
Episode: 050 | Aired: October 05, 1998
Feeling overwhelmed with her responsibilities, Debra decides to get a babysitter. But when Lisa the babysitter becomes the smash hit at Space Station Barone with her alien-catching games and endless energy, Debra develops into a jealous mother. To become the kids favorite again, Debra replaces the babysitter with Grandma; disaster ensues when Marie sprains her ankle and Ray uncovers Debras secret plot. But by that time, Lisa has been stolen by the Parker family and Bill Parker kicks Ray out of the car pool when he tries to woo her back.

Getting Even
Episode: 051 | Aired: October 12, 1998
After Raymond begrudgingly agrees to be the auctioneer at the Our Lady of Faith School auction for new playground equipment, hes pleasantly surprised with the laughs he gets at Debras expense. Debra warns him that shes going to get even, then retracts her threat, but its too late for Ray -- hes convinced of a conspiracy and terrified of soda in his face, Ben Gay in his shorts or Ex-Lax in his brownies. Eventually, Debra is able to get her message across -- without having to resort to any of those tactics.

The Visit
Episode: 052 | Aired: October 19, 1998
When Debras mother comes to visit the family for a week, Debra finds herself shocked to discover that she wishes her mom were more like Marie. Debras highly anticipated week of quality time with mom Lois quickly turns into a big disappointment when her mother seems more interested in the Renoir exhibit and her crossword puzzles than in Debra, Ray and the children. When her frustration with Lois disinterest reaches a boiling point, Debra makes the mistake of blurting out that she wishes her mother were more like Marie. Then she has the unfortunate double trouble of making amends with her mom -- and dealing not only with Maries glee, but with her claim that she deserves credit for teaching Debra parenting skills.

Halloween Candy
Episode: 053 | Aired: October 26, 1998
After Debra suggests that she might be more consistently romantic if she werent in charge of the birth control, Ray decides to make the drastic move of cutting the wires. But after a discussion with Robert and other top medical experts he chickens out, but does muster enough bravery to go to the drugstore and buy the stuff. He even goes crazy and splurges on the rainbow pack, but the plan for Halloween romance goes awry when Grandpa distributes the chocolate coins in brightly colored wrappers that he found to the remaining trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

Moving Out
Episode: 054 | Aired: November 02, 1998
Feeling pathetic because he lives with his parents, Robert finally musters up the courage to move out on his own. Encouraged by Ray, and much to his parents horror, Robert packs up his bags, takes his dog and moves into a garage apartment. But the move affects the family more than they anticipated. They feel the absence of their relationship buffer. As Debra describes it, Hes like the lead apron at the dentist. Meanwhile, Robert enjoys his newfound freedom, until Raymond comes to visit and points out that the older couple with whom he is living are really carbon copies of their own parents -- from whom he was trying to get away.

The Article
Episode: 055 | Aired: November 09, 1998
It has always been Raymonds life long dream to get an article published in Sports Illustrated, so when his friend Andy the stat guy and novice sportswriter sells a piece to the magazine, Ray is devastated. Instead of being happy for Andy, hes only unhappy for himself. Things get even worse when Debra points out that hes being self-centered, and then his father agrees and adds that hes always been an attention pig, leaving Ray to deal with his newly discovered self-image.

The Lone Barone
Episode: 056 | Aired: November 16, 1998
Raymond is in a bad mood. Forced to wait home all day for the delivery guy to bring Debras new curtains, he cant go out and play golf and laments to his brother that marriage is like a prison. So when Amy breaks up with Robert after he says he cannot commit right now, everyone blames Raymond for ruining his brothers life.

No Fat
Episode: 057 | Aired: November 23, 1998
Since Debras parents will be out of the country on Thanksgiving Day -- in Turkey -- Debra, Ray and the kids make plans to spend the holiday at Frank and Maries house. But their dreams of turkey with sausage stuffing and yams with marshmallows on top are quickly shattered by Maries new heart-healthy diet. After she gets her hands on 101 Healthy Things To Do in the Kitchen, life as the Barones have known it seems to vanish.

The Apartment
Episode: 058 | Aired: December 07, 1998
Everywhere Ray looks, beautiful, sexy women are coming out of the woodwork to stop by and say hi to new tenant Robert. Its the best-looking welcome wagon Ray has ever seen. Unbeknownst to Debra, who believes him when he tells her that the brotherly visits are an attempt to cheer up a lonely, homesick Robert, Ray is having the time of his life pretending to live the carefree life of a bachelor-- that is, until Debra shows up unexpectedly.

The Toaster
Episode: 059 | Aired: December 14, 1998
Ray is overjoyed by the reaction he is getting from friends and family who received a personalized Barone toaster from him as a gift -- even Debras pretentious parents are thrilled with it. But, having heard nothing from his parents, Ray confronts Frank and Marie, the two people whose approval matters most, and is amazed beyond belief to hear what they did with the gift -- and then what they resort to in order to get it back.

Ping Pong
Episode: 060 | Aired: January 11, 1999
To settle the score -- and maintain his dignity -- Ray challenges Frank to a winner take all ping pong match after Frank reveals that he purposely threw a childhood match so that Ray would finally beat him. When Frank lets on that he felt sorry for crybaby Ray those many years ago and purposely threw the match, Ray is determined to prove to his father that he has what it takes to beat him fair and square. Or does he?

Pants on Fire
Episode: 061 | Aired: January 18, 1998
When Marie discovers that Ray held an unchaperoned wild party at their home some 20 years ago, she is hurt and disappointed that her beloved Ray lied to her. Unable to forgive or forget, Marie can no longer put Ray on a pedestal. Hes been bumped for big brother Robert -- and its killing Ray.

Robert's Date
Episode: 062 | Aired: February 01, 1999
Roberts entire demeanor changes when he starts clubbing with his patrol partner Judy and her friends. When he starts using expressions such as This is so whack and Im down with it and showing up in mustard-colored suits, Ray and the rest of the family find it hard to believe the extent to which Robert will go to fit in with his new friends.

Frank's Tribute
Episode: 063 | Aired: February 08, 1999
Frank is elected Man of the Year down at the Lodge and a reluctant Ray and Robert are enlisted to prepare his tribute. When they show up to interview Franks friends for the testimonial video, theyre more than a little shocked by the intense passion behind the guys comments about their father -- but its nothing compared to the outrageous reaction when Frank views the tribute for himself.

Cruising With Marie
Episode: 064 | Aired: February 15, 1999
Just as Frank and Marie are about to embark on a high seas vacation, Frank hurts his knee and Ray, not wanting to disappoint his mother, agrees to accompany her on the Caribbean cruise. Its endless hours of shuffleboard and bingo and an extremely cramped cabin for two that can barely fit one. Could things get any worse for Ray? Marie, meanwhile, is having the time of her life soaking every ounce of fun in the sun. And back home, Robert is just about out of patience as caretaker for the injured Frank.

Ray Home Alone
Episode: 065 | Aired: February 22, 1999
When Debra and the kids go away for the weekend, Ray is forced to confront the real reason he doesnt want to stay home alone. What should have been a couple of days of bachelor living and freedom from responsibility for Ray instead turns into a harrowing experience -- one that can be traced all the way back to his childhood. Rather than enjoying the rare peace and solitude at his own home, Ray actually chooses to head across the street and spend time with Marie.

Big Shots
Episode: 066 | Aired: March 01, 1999
Trying to impress Robert when they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ray uses his weight as a sports writer for Newsday to jump to the front of the line to meet the members of the 69 Miracle New York Mets. Members of the 69 World Champion Mets appear as themselves.

Move Over
Episode: 067 | Aired: March 15, 1999
When Ray confides to Debra that her constant need to cuddle and be on top of him when they're sleeping is causing him too many sleepless nights, Debra is more than happy to comply with his request to give him his space in bed. Now, Ray is learning the hard way that you have to be careful what you wish for!

The Getaway
Episode: 068 | Aired: April 05, 1999
Debra and Ray feel tremendous pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont. From the moment they set foot in the quaint bed and breakfast, its apparent that they're trying a bit too hard for this to be a perfect weekend. Debra agrees to a tour of the Ben & Jerry ice cream factory; Ray suggests they check out a local antique fair. Meanwhile, Marie spies on Robert, who is left to babysit the kids.

Working Girl
Episode: 069 | Aired: April 26, 1999
When Debra gets a part-time job in the big city, an unhappy Ray is left to fend for himself -- and Marie is left wondering whats to become of the children, the house and her beloved son now that they will all be neglected. However, Rays misguided attempt to be more supportive of Debra threatens to put an end to her career before it even starts.

Be Nice
Episode: 070 | Aired: May 03, 1999
When Ray babysits for the kids at the park and Debra sees how sweet and helpful he is toward the other mothers, she demands to know why she doesn't receive the same treatment. Ray, on the other hand, wants to know why Debra is always so critical of him. The solution -- an experiment in trying to be more considerate and appreciative of each other. Meanwhile, Ray arrives at the waiting room of Dr. John Becker to pick up his friend Doug, who was hit by a foul ball at a Mets game that Ray covered for Newsday.

Dancing With Debra
Episode: 071 | Aired: May 10, 1999
After Ray urges Debra to go swing dancing with Robert (letting himself off the hook), he cant believe how infatuated the two become with their new hobby -- and its starting to tick him off. Meanwhile, Ray sees a side of Marie that he never fully expected.

Robert Moves Back
Episode: 072 | Aired: May 17, 1999
When Robert and Amy get caught alone by some of Roberts fellow apartment tenants, they're desperate to find someplace, any place, where they can have some time to themselves. Ray comes to the rescue at Debras urging, by allowing Robert to move into their basement for a while. But, when caught again, by someone even more intimidating -- the couple is mortified.

How They Met
Episode: 073 | Aired: May 24, 1999
Memories of how they first met flood back when Ray and Debra prepare Ally for her first play date with a little boy. The first time Ray and Debra laid eyes on each other; their first kiss; the first time Marie met her future daughter-in-law (and what she thought of her!); and the first time Ray sampled Debras cooking are all revealed. Its a flashback episode as Ray and Debra reminisce about their fateful first meeting 15 years before.

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