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The Facts of Life Episode Guide Season 3

Facts of Life DVDs

***** The Facts of Life - The Complete Third Season (1980-81)
Charlotte Rae, Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon, Lisa Welchel, Mindy Cohen / DVD Video

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Product Description: School is back in session as Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) and the girls of Eastland return for the third season of The Facts of Life, one of the biggest TV hits of the '80s! Share the laughter with Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Tootie (Kim Fields), Natalie (Mindy Cohn), and Jo (Nancy McKeon) as they learn the important lessons that will shape their lives. Third season highlights include the girls' adventures in Manhattan, the cute boys of Bates Academy, the return of Cousin Geri, and even a special guest-star appearance by Jermaine Jackson.

30 28 Oct 81 Growing Pains
Tootie, tired of being treated like a little girl, turns to alcohol.

31 4 Nov 81 Fear Strikes Back
Natalie withdraws after being attacked while returning from a party.

32 11 Nov 81 A Baby in the House
Blair's married friend brings her baby for a visit and then disappears.

33 18 Nov 81 A Friend in Deed
Blair learns her mother has been hiding her breast cancer from the family.

34 25 Nov 81 Front Page
Jo's hot news story has serious repercussions for her journalism teacher.

35 2 Dec 81 Give and Take
The girls help Mrs. Garrett when she suffers a financial crisis.

36 9 Dec 81 Sweet Sorrow
Jo begins to fall for her class-project husband as her boyfriend Eddie comes to visit.

37 16 Dec 81 From Russia With Love
Natalie has romantic plans for the weekend when her adoring grandmother comes to visit.

38 23 Dec 81 Dear Me
Worried about camping with boys from Bates, Tootie invents an imaginary boyfriend.

39 30 Dec 81 Cousin Geri Returns
The girls question Geri's date when he asks her out again.

40 6 Jan 82 Legacy
Receiving a bequest from her grandfather, Blair learns a surprising secret about her family.

41 13 Jan 82 Green-Eyed Monster
Natalie becomes jealous when Tootie gets the lead in the school play.

42 20 Jan 82 The Americanization of Miko
A Japanese student's eagerness to learn American ways upsets her traditional father.

43 27 Jan 82 The Marriage Brokers
Blair is surprised by what she learns about Mrs. Garrett's new beau.

44 3 Feb 82 Starstruck
Tootie's friends are concerned about her obsession with singer Jermaine Jackson.

45 10 Feb 82 The Four Musketeers
Released from custody, the girls must decide whether to go on being roommates.

46 17 Feb 82 The Affair
Natalie has a painful confrontation with her father after seeing him with another woman.

47 24 Feb 82 Runaway
Tootie decides to go to New York unchaperoned and encounters teenage prostitution.

48 3 Mar 82 New York, New York
Vacation trips home seem to make Blair and Jo's feud worse.

49 17 Mar 82 Kids Can Be Cruel
Natalie's revenge on Blair hurts an innocent bystander.

50 24 Mar 82 Mind Your Own Business
Secrecy becomes all-consuming after Natalie learns that Blair peeked into her diary.

51 31 Mar 82 The Academy
Blair's blind date for a military school dance is actually a delinquent.

52 14 Apr 82 Jo's Cousin
Jo's 14-year-old lovesick tomboy cousin back home needs her help.

53 5 May 82 Read No Evil
Jo takes up the battle when Mrs. Garrett and Natalie get nowhere on the issue of banned books.

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