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A Bunch of Brady Puzzles

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #1:

  Rearrange the names into their correct places.

  |         |         |         |
  | ALICE   | MARCIA  | BOBBY   |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  | GREG    | PETER   | CINDY   |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  | CAROL   | JAN     |  MIKE   |
  |         |         |         |

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #2:

  Rearrange the jumble words to get the names of all the people and
characters on the show.

  1. libMnynokLaiendoBk
  2. HordeearFonsenrolClnec
  3. MorkcccarariCiuMeaMenm
  4. ADcievBinnslAa
  5. PlavenumbEJ
  6. ntheeChiKthgrpisiPerot
  7. sannudeSilyCOns
  8. keRieRodbreMet
  9. BerrgrlaiGslymiaW

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #3

  How many words can you get from each name?  Look at the letters in puzzle
#2 and rearrange them to form more words.  The words must be used from each
clue number above and you cannot combine letters from two or more clues to
get a word.  You may also use the first name of the character they play.

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #4

  If Step by Step were the Brady Bunch, which they practically are, place
the first names of the characters in the appropriate boxes to simulate
the opening 3x3 box arrangement.  (Hint: The mother's name is also named
Carol and is too a blonde.)  Consult your TV Guide or watch the show for
the first names and fill them in the empty boxes.  I'll substitute Cody for
Alice in the center square.  You can figure out the others.

  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |  CODY   |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |
  |         |         |         |

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #5

  Each pair of clues have an associated first or last name with it. Some are
one of each, others are both first or last names.  
  Replace the associated name with the correct first or last name, rearrange
the two answers and you'll get a cast member of The Brady Bunch.  Some
answers are used more than once.

  1. Andy Manilow 
  2. Shanna Guillaume
  3. Ashley Hayward
  4. Esther Sullivan
  5. Alaina Conrad
  6. Merlin Jay Richardson
  7. Guy Bostwick
  8. Rickey Griffith
  9. Mary Haskell
 10. Pat McGovern 
  J. Clifton Elder
  Q. Michael William
  K. Johnny Anspach
  A. Bette Richards

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #6

  Find all the words associated with the Bradys in this word search grid:
  NOTE: This looks best in monospace font.



  Brady Bunch Puzzle #7

  Which doesn't belong in each set and name the set it represents with
the remaining answers.
  Note: Each set is not necessairily all-Brady;
  Some have more than one way to answer.
  Some Brady names are part of a whole different answer.

  1. Maureen Eve Suzanne
  2. Bobby Carol Ted Alice
  3. Barry Christopher Robin
 PI. Mike Douglas Tyson
  4. Cindy Williams Penny
  5. Emmy Susan Lucci
  6. Carol Mike Gloria
  7. Marcia Marcia John
  8. Williams Brady Hope Bo Bobby
  9. Mary Ashley Susan
  X. Mel Alice Florence Vera
  E. David Carol Danny Susan
 10. Christopher Eve Plummer
  J. Foster Mike Carol
  Q. Brandon Bobby Brenda
  K. Mary Ann Elizabeth Windsor
  A. Robert Bobby Dole
  B. Carol Cindy Davis David
  C. Peter Mike Bobby Davy
  D. Karen Carol Dana Cindy

  Brady Bunch Puzzle #8

  Name one or more names that appear in the Brady Bunch that also appears
in the other TV shows.

  1. Beverly Hills 90210
  2. Little House On The Prarie
  3. One Day At A Time
  4. Love That Bob
  5. M*A*S*H
  6. LaVerne and Shirley
  7. The Partridge Family
  8. Eight Is Enough
  9. Taxi
 10. WKRP In Cincinnatti
 11. Mission: Impossible
 12. My Three Sons 
 13. All In The Family
 14. Zoom
 15. 60 Minutes
 16. Lost In Space
 17. Get Smart
 18. Mannix

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