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Eight is Enough Episode Guide

Eight is Enough Episodes: Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell

#64 Merle the Pearl

  • Nicholas and Susan meet Merle the Pearl, a local minor league baseball player.
  • Nicholas is upset that his young girlfriend is moving out of town and wants to introduce her to Merle the Pearl to impress her before she leaves.
  • Merle falls for Susan and Nicholas gets his first kiss.

    #65 The Cupid Crisis

  • Merle confides to Nicholas that he wants to propose to Susan but Susan is upset when the entire Bradford family knows about before she does.

    #66 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

  • David and Janet set a wedding date but it turns out to be the same day Merle and Susan decided to move up the wedding day to accomodate Merle's ballplaying career move.
  • Nancy gets a job delivering singing telegrams and is hired to deliver one at the double wedding for David and Janet and Merle and Susan.

    #69 Big Shoes, Little Feet

  • Tom needs a partner for the father/son golf tournament but David, Tommy, and Merle are all busy.

    #72 Letter to One Bradford

  • Merle and Susan argue about his choice of friends and her neglect of household duties.

    #73 Separate Ways

  • Merle is excited when he is asked to play dealing with winter ball in Puerto Rico but Susan doesn't want to quit school to go with him.
  • Tom is up to his ears with kids when Susan returns home after a spat with Merle.

    #74 Arrivals

  • Tom and Abby believe that Susan is depressed because Merle is gone but learn that she is pregnant. The girls try to cheer her up.
  • Merle arrives to win her back and finds out she is going to have their baby.

    #75 The Night They Raided Bradfords

  • Things are not as they seem at the Bradfords when Merle's sister, Linda Mae, comes from the farm and visits the Bradfords and is shocked at what she finds.
  • Susan panics when she hears that Merle was injured in a game.

    #80 Semi-Centennial Bradford

  • Merle and Susan try to pick names for their baby. Nicholas is helping Merle come up with a name for the new baby.

    #86 Official Positions

  • Merle recruits the girls for a charity basketball team.

    #91 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 1

  • Susan keeps her pregnancy problems from Merle when his career takes a leap forward.

    #92 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 2

  • Merle is playing ball with the Mets and Tom and Nicholas are camping when Susan goes into labor.
  • Sandra Sue, named after Abby's real first names, is born to Susan and Merle.

    #96 Holly

  • The Bradford's convert the garage into an apartment for Susan and Merle. Nicholas supervises the conversion job.

    #102 David's Rib

  • Merle returns home from the New York Mets, but Susan is too tired from taking care of Sandra Sue to enjoy his visit.

    #111 Goals

  • Merle suffers a career-ending shoulder injury and doesn't know what to do if he can't play baseball. Merle comes upon Nicholas and his friends playing ball. He is offered a job of assistant coach of the High School team.
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