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Eight is Enough Episode Guide

Eight is Enough Episodes: Nancy Bradford

#3 Pieces of Eight

  • Nancy in disappointed by a modeling agent but Joan gets a job with the agent as a photographer to earn extra money during the strike.

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    #4 Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory

  • Nancy wants to be a cheerleader.

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    #6 Quarantine

  • Togetherness can be really funny when the whole Bradford household is quarantined, including Nancy's blind date, after Mary's boyfriend comes down with a mysterious ailment.

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    #7 V is for Vivian

  • Nancy gets a tan and tries modeling.

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    #13 Double Trouble

  • Nancy enters the Miss Sacramento beauty contest.

    #21 The Return of Auntie V

  • Nancy wants to expand her horizons by going on a cruise with Auntie V.
  • Nancy falls for the real estate agent who is trying to sell the Bradford house.

    #26 Author, Author!

  • David goes on a double date with Nancy and they come home with different stories of the same night.

    #28 Hard Hats and Hard Heads

  • Nancy, Susan, and Joannie have a dieting contest, but no winners resulted.

    #29 Seven Days in February

  • Joannie, Nancy, and Susan meet new guys at a disco over winter break and love times three drives the Bradford household crazy.

    #31 Great Expectations

  • Frustrated by the transportation arrangements, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Susan buy their own car.

    #41 The Flunked and the Funked

  • Tom is disappointed when Nancy flunks out of college and decides to drop out to find a job, but she doesn't appreciate it when he pulls strings to get her back in. Tom finally helps her get a job interview.

    #42 Cops and Toddlers

  • Nancy opens a day care center at the Bradford house, but soon discovers that she's not good with kids.
  • While she fails the written test for the cop job, Susan helps Nancy control the kids, who are running amok, and finds that she likes it enough to go back to school as an education major.

    #43 The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone

  • Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy try to teach Tommy to drive when Tom is reluctant to do it. Tommy is embarrassed to be seen with his teachers, Susan and Nancy. Finally, Tom teaches Tommy a lesson in driving.

    #45 War Between the Bradfords

  • Nancy gets a job pumping gas in a sexy uniform at a local filling station.

    #50 The Yearning Point

  • Nancy takes a correspondence course in hair styling.

    #51 Moving Out

  • Tired of Tom's strict rules, Nancy, Susan, and Joannie look for an apartment of their own because Tom has trouble accepting that his daughters are growing up.

    #54 Horror Story

  • On a rainy night in Sacramento, the Bradford house is turned upside-down when the power goes out and leaves the Bradfords stuck at home with Nancy's blind date - a Norman Bates look-alike.

    #66 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

  • Nancy gets a job delivering singing telegrams and is hired to deliver one at the double wedding for David and Janet and Merle and Susan.

    #67 Ten Ships in the Night

  • Tired of getting dead-end jobs because of her looks, Nancy gets a job at a brokerage firm.

    #69 Big Shoes, Little Feet

  • Nancy tries to help David's construction business by dating a local businessman.

    #71 Fathers and Other Strangers, pt. 2

  • Elizabeth and Nancy meet two men who claim to be native Hawaiians.

    #75 The Night They Raided Bradfords

  • Joannie talks Nancy into playing a stripper in her play.

    #82 Seven More Days in February

  • It's winter break and Joannie, Nancy, and Mary meet strange men that drive Tom and Abby crazy.

    #85 Memories

  • Nancy gets tired of loaning money to the other Bradford children.

    #89 A Little Triangle

  • Nancy falls in love with the 5-year-old daughter of the young widower she is dating, but doesn't fall in love with her father.

    #100 Darlene Dilemma

  • Nancy gets a modeling job as the spokesperson for a shady heating and cooling company.

    #101 Second Thoughts

  • Nancy finds out fame has a price when she becomes the "Sunshine Soda Girl."

    #105 If the Glass Slipper Fits

  • Nancy's modeling career is about to take off but she needs to make an important decision as she later finds out she has to pose topless for a jeans ad.

    #108 Idolbreaker, pt. 1

  • Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Joannie adopt a bum named Max, and bring him home for dinner.
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