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Eight is Enough Episode Guide

Eight is Enough Episodes: Nicholas Bradford

#1 Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense

  • Nicholas has his tonsils removed.

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    #6 Quarantine

  • Nicholas hides some toys he brought into the house without buying them.

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    #7 V is for Vivian

  • Nicholas practices basketball.

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    #12 Triangles

  • Tom decides he has been neglecting Nicholas and drives Nicholas crazy by spending too much time with him.

    #14 Mortgage Burnin' Blues

  • Nicholas felt left out since he was never arrested.

    #17 Children of the Groom, pt 1

  • Elizabeth and Nicholas are not as excited about the wedding plans as the rest of the Bradford children.

    #20 All's Fair in Love and War

  • Tommy helps Nicholas deal with a school bully.

    #22 Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus, pt. 1

  • Nicholas mistakenly assumes that the man he finds in the house on Christmas Eve is Santa Claus and lets him steal the Christmas presents, putting Christmas temporarily on hold.

    #27 Much Ado About Garbage

  • Abby is upset when David gives Nicholas a BB gun.

    #30 The Boyfriend

  • Nicholas is appointed water monitor at home during a water shortage, and gets fired for being too tough.

    #31 Great Expectations

  • Joannie wants Nicholas to play Prince Charming in her play.

    #34 Poor Little Rich Girl

  • Tom, while helping Nicholas build a coaster car, takes over completely.

    #35 Who's on First?

  • Nicholas believes he has seen a UFO, but nobody else believe him. It turns out to be only a practical joke by one of the neighborhood kids.

    #37 Nine is Too Much

  • Nicholas convinces Tom to coach his little league baseball team.

    #38 Here We Go Again/Oh, No...Not Again!

  • Nicholas plays post office for the first time.

    #39 Cinderella's Understudy

  • Nicholas can't get away from a girl who has a crush on him.

    #40 Milk and Sympathy

  • Nicholas has a crush on his teacher and buys her self-portrait at her garage sale, but tries to hide it from the kids, who think there is a valuable painting underneath.
  • The Bradfords believe Nicholas's painting may be worth a fortune and dream about how they would spend their millions if it is.

    #41 The Flunked and the Funked

  • Nicholas and Irving, who are making prank calls, receive their own from David and Tommy.

    #44 Fast and Loose

  • Nicholas tries to help by offering David a kitten from a litter of a stray cat he has taken in. He soon discovers that the cat is pregnant.

    #46 All the Vice-President's Men

  • Nicholas is surprised when the Vice-President accepts his invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with the Bradfords. He picks the Bradfords as America's typical family.

    #47 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 1

  • The Bradford children plan a party for Tom and Abby's anniversary and Nicholas feels left out.
  • Nicholas accidently sets fire to his room, destroying the anniversary present Tommy was making for Tom and Abby.
  • Feeling like the family doesn't want him around any more, Nicholas runs away to find Sam in San Diego.

    #48 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 2

  • In San Diego, Nicholas is taken in by Joe Simons, an old con man and bum who was a friend of Sam's. He then performs his best scam trying to get Nicholas back to the Bradfords.
  • Believing that Nicholas is at a friend's house, the Bradfords work on repairing Tommy and Nicholas's room.
  • Tom and Abby discover that Nicholas is gone and search for him.

    #52 Mother's Rule

  • Nicholas has a hard time adjusting to having his own room.

    #54 Horror Story

  • Nicholas and Irving play secret agent.

    #55 Just the Ten of Us

  • Nicholas tries to avoid a young lady who has a crush on him.

    #56 Best of Friends

  • Nicholas and Irving open a lemonade stand in front of the Bradford house but face stiff competition when a lavish lemonade stand is opened by the Cappleton sisters around the corner.

    #57 The Kid Who Came to Dinner

  • Nicholas's new friend, Bobby, runs away from his foster family because he wants to become part of the Bradford family. They decide to sail down the Sacramento river. Abby's friend and his wife begin to consider adopting Bobby.

    #59 Dads, Daughters, Different Drummers

  • Tom and Abby are surprised to learn that Nicholas is musically talented but Abby is upset when Tom gets him a drum set.

    #64 Merle the Pearl

  • Nicholas and Susan meet Merle the Pearl, a local minor league baseball player.
  • Nicholas is upset that his young girlfriend is moving out of town and wants to introduce her to Merle the Pearl to impress her before she leaves.
  • Merle falls for Susan and Nicholas gets his first kiss.

    #65 The Cupid Crisis

  • Merle confides to Nicholas that he wants to propose to Susan but Susan is upset when the entire Bradford family knows about before she does.
  • Nicholas acts as the go-between for everyone.

    #67 Ten Ships in the Night

  • Tom is upset when no one is home when Nicholas gets home from school.

    #69 Big Shoes, Little Feet

  • Nicholas's substitute teacher compares him to his older brothers and sisters so Nicholas and Abby discuss how it feels to be compared to someone else.

    #72 Letter to One Bradford

  • Nicholas feels responsible when bad luck seems to run in the family after he breaks a chain letter. Nicholas really believes that bad luck followed afterwards. He finally learns that it is nonsense after putting the family through the ringer.

    #73 Separate Ways

  • Tom deals with Nicholas on strike for more allowance.

    #74 Arrivals

  • Ernie and Tommy use Nicholas as bait to meet girls.

    #76 Brotherhood, Sisterhood

  • Nicholas needs to write a speech about Tom and follows him around for a day at the office to get material.

    #77 Mary, He's Married

  • Eager to earn extra money, Nicholas sells guaca dew, a wrinkle remover, door to door.

    #79 The Courage to Be

  • Nicholas and Marvin try to get into the Book of World Records.

    #80 Semi-Centennial Bradford

  • Merle and Susan try to pick names for their baby. Nicholas is helping Merle come up with a name for the new baby.

    #81 The Commitment

  • Nicholas plays go-between for Marvin but ends up with the girl instead.

    #83 The Return of Joe Simons

  • Joe Simons, the con man who helped Nicholas return from San Diego, shows up pretending to have struck it rich in the Yukon and drives the family bonkers. He claims to have found a gold mine.

    #84 Bradford vs. Bradford

  • Bored with his own house and family, Nicholas has more fun playing at a friend's house but his friend has more fun at Nicholas's house.

    #85 Memories

  • Nicholas goes steady for the first time, and finds going steady is not all fun when the girl is more interested in the bracelet he gives her than in him.

    #86 Official Positions

  • Nicholas gets his friend's mom a job helping with the book. Nicholas's friend is upset to learn that his mom works for Abby and not the other way around.

    #87 A Matter of Mentors

  • Nicholas has a problem with a bully that he can't hit back.

    #89 A Little Triangle

  • Nicholas starts a dog-sitting service.

    #90 (Finally) Grad Night

  • Nicholas and Irving are working on a school project when Irving gets hurt and Tommy ends up spending grad night at the hospital.

    #91 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 1

  • Nicholas and Tom start boy scouts and Nicholas volunteers Tom to be the assistant scout master.

    #92 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 2

  • Merle is playing ball with the Mets and Tom and Nicholas are camping when Susan goes into labor.

    #93 Jeremy

  • Nicholas gets into trouble for selling peeks at Mary's medical books.

    #94 Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford

  • Nicholas's friend dares him to shoplift a desired yo-yo.

    #95 Generations

  • When Joan's parents visit the Bradford household to see the family and their great-grandchild, a conflict with Abby occurs as Joan's parents disapprove of the way Abby is raising Nicholas. Grandpa and Abby make up and finally accept Joan's death in a touching story.

    #96 Holly

  • The Bradford's convert the garage into an apartment for Susan and Merle. Nicholas supervises the conversion job.

    #97 Maltese Airline Bag

  • Nicholas and his friend, Melvin, start a messenger service to earn money and get more than they bargained for. One of their first deliveries turns out to be an airline bag full of money to be used for political bribes.

    #98 Strike

  • Caught up in a newspaper strike and laid-off, Tom tries to bring the feuding parties together thanks to something Nicholas says about giving and compromise.
  • To save everyone money, Nicholas starts a barter system for the family.

    #99 Bradfordgate

  • Nicholas tries to get rid of his "cute" image.

    #100 Darlene Dilemma

  • Nicholas tries to impress a 12-year-old girl with his cooking ability.

    #101 Second Thoughts

  • Tommy needs a ticket to a rock concert and Nicholas has one to sell.

    #102 David's Rib

  • Nicholas gets a horse from Joe Simons and Abby help him find a way to keep it.

    #104 The Way We Were

  • Upset by Tom's refusal to give him money, Nicholas gets a job delivering a rival newspaper.

    #105 If the Glass Slipper Fits

  • David hires Nicholas to find him a new apartment.

    #106 The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento

  • Joannie is chosen to organize a charity telethon and tries to get celebrities to appear on the show. She recruits the family to perform and Nicholas saves the day with his on-the-air speech and performance.

    #108 Idolbreaker, pt. 1

  • Nicholas wins a girl's heart by standing up to a bully.

    #109 Idolbreaker, pt. 2

  • Jeremy drops hints about his upcoming birthday. Nicholas plans a surprise birthday for Jeremy.

    #110 Starting Over

  • Nicholas assumes he's a shoo-in for the basketball team when Elizabeth dates the coach.

    #111 Goals

  • Merle suffers a career-ending shoulder injury and doesn't know what to do if he can't play baseball. Merle comes upon Nicholas and his friends playing ball. He is offered a job of assistant coach of the High School team.
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