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Eight is Enough Episodes: Tommy Bradford

#4 Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory

  • Topsy-turvy time at the Bradfords when Tommy has his "dream girl" stand him up.

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    #7 V is for Vivian

  • Tommy takes up CB.

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    #8 Hit and Run

  • Tommy breaks the window of a local church house.

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    #11 Trial Marriage

  • Tommy breaks his ankle at a touch football game and will miss school for five weeks.

    #12 Triangles

  • Tommy organizes a family garage sale to earn money.

    #13 Double Trouble

  • David and Tommy hang around a laundromat in hopes of meeting girls.

    #14 Mortgage Burnin' Blues

  • Tom throws a party to celebrate paying off the mortgage on the Bradford house. Unfortunately, the kids get into a melee when Susan punches a heckler at David and Tommy's singing appearance and Tom has to remortgage the house to pay the damages as seven of his children were arrested after a fight in the nightclub.

    #20 All's Fair in Love and War

  • Tommy helps Nicholas deal with a school bully.

    #23 Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus, pt. 2

  • Tommy receives a special Christmas present from his mom.

    #24 Dear Ms. Dinah

  • David and Tommy fix Abby's car.

    #25 A Hair of the Dog

  • David goes away for the weekend and gives Tommy the use of his apartment but Tommy winds up throwing a party.

    #28 Hard Hats and Hard Heads

  • Tommy tries out for the football team to impress a girl.

    #29 Seven Days in February

  • Tommy desperately tries to win rock concert tickets.

    #30 The Boyfriend

  • Tommy gets into trouble at school and wrongly assumes he's home-free when the principal calls David instead of Tom.

    #31 Great Expectations

  • Frustrated by the transportation arrangements, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Susan buy their own car.
  • Tom is upset that Tommy is failing English and pressures him to get a good grade. Tom learns a lesson about parental pressure when Tommy, trying to please him, buys a term paper from a high school hustler.

    #36 Who's Crazy Here?

  • Tommy develops two personalities, "disco kid" and "mellow man", to impress the two girls he is dating.

    #40 Milk and Sympathy

  • Tommy's chances with a popular girl are hurt when he contracts trench mouth.

    #41 The Flunked and the Funked

  • Nicholas and Irving, who are making prank calls, receive their own from David and Tommy.

    #43 The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone

  • Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy try to teach Tommy to drive when Tom is reluctant to do it. Tommy is embarrassed to be seen with his teachers, Susan and Nancy. Finally, Tom teaches Tommy a lesson in driving.

    #46 All the Vice-President's Men

  • Tommy puts a deposit on a used car.

    #47 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 1

  • Nicholas accidently sets fire to his room, destroying the anniversary present Tommy was making for Tom and Abby.

    #48 You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore, pt. 2

  • Believing that Nicholas is at a friend's house, the Bradfords work on repairing Tommy and Nicholas's room.

    #49 Alone at Last

  • Tommy gets a date with a popular girl at school.

    #50 The Yearning Point

  • Both Elizabeth and Tommy learn that there is no easy way to success.
  • Tommy tries to earn some extra money.

    #51 Moving Out

  • David buys a new truck and agrees to sell Tommy his van.

    #54 Horror Story

  • Tommy and Elizabeth think "Perkins" is an escaped convict.

    #56 Best of Friends

  • Tommy offers to marry a pregnant friend who was a girl, Lori, even though he's not the father of her baby. The Bradfords rally to support Tommy's taking of responsibility.

    #57 The Kid Who Came to Dinner

  • Tommy and Elizabeth debate the merits of cosmetic surgery.

    #58 The Better Part of Valor

  • While substitute teaching at the high school, Abby refuses to pass the star basketball player, and troubles begin for Tommy.
  • Tommy is pressured by the basketball player to get the answers to Abby's test. Tommy learns to stand up for what is right.

    #60 The Final Days

  • Tommy puts a band together after hearing that the prom committee will pay $300 for a band.

    #61 The Graduates

  • Tommy is offered the perfect summer job as a lifeguard but has to cut his hair if he accepts the job.

    #69 Big Shoes, Little Feet

  • Tom needs a partner for the father/son golf tournament but David, Tommy, and Merle are all busy.

    #70 Fathers and Other Strangers, pt. 1

  • Tom thinks that Tommy is spending too much time with his band and is neglecting his school work.

    #72 Letter to One Bradford

  • Tom, Abby, and the rest of the Bradfords are worried when Tommy is hospitalized for a ruptured spleen.

    #74 Arrivals

  • Ernie and Tommy use Nicholas as bait to meet girls.

    #76 Brotherhood, Sisterhood

  • Tom talks David into hiring Tommy as a construction worker but Tommy has to prove himself to his fellow workers by standing up to them on his own.

    #78 My Son, the Prom Queen

  • Upset that an all girl band was chosen to play at prom, Tommy protests by running for prom queen.

    #79 The Courage to Be

  • Tommy tries to help his friend Ernie, who won't admit he has an alcoholic problem. They split-up over this and Bradford steps in to help.

    #81 The Commitment

  • Tommy is upset when Jill's idea of a commitment is not the same as his and then misinterprets signals from Mary's friend, Kerry, and gets deeper into trouble.
  • Tommy presents Jill with a class ring.

    #82 Seven More Days in February

  • Tom fixes Tommy up with his boss's niece.

    #87 A Matter of Mentors

  • Fed up with the way that Tom divvies up the family's discretionary funds, Tommy takes over budgeting for it.

    #88 Roll Over Bradford

  • Tom is upset that Tommy hasn't sent in any college applications but Tommy wants to be a musician and is not interested in college.
  • Auntie V encourages Tommy to pursue his musical dreams. Tommy wants to be a professional musician rather than go to college. Though Tom disagrees, he still is able to encourage him, which brings them closer.

    #90 (Finally) Grad Night

  • Tom and Abby agree to let Tommy and a few friends have the house for a small party after graduation.
  • Nicholas and Irving are working on a school project when Irving gets hurt and Tommy ends up spending grad night at the hospital.
  • The party goes on without them as party crashers show up. Officers were called in to finally break up the party and Tom demands an explanation, thinking Tommy was being ignorant.

    #95 Generations

  • Tommy gets a job playing the guitar at a male strip joint.

    #96 Holly

  • Ernie introduces Tommy to a slightly older songwriting woman who has a 4-year old son. When he falls for her, she has second thoughts.

    #101 Second Thoughts

  • Tommy needs a ticket to a rock concert and Nicholas has one to sell.

    #104 The Way We Were

  • Tommy and Ernie, back from college with a "preppy" look, run into Jill, Tommy's old girlfriend. When Jill picks Ernie over Tommy, David helps him realize that reliving the past is not the real world.

    #106 The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento

  • Jeremy wants to manage Tommy's band and tries to get him a gig.

    #107 Yet Another Seven Days in February

  • This year it's the boys' turn to meet new women. Tommy dates the daughter of a radio station owner in order to get his band some air time.
  • David dates an older woman, Tommy's date's divorced mother.

    #108 Idolbreaker, pt. 1

  • Just as Tommy's career is about to take off, his old girlfriend returns to tell Tommy she is pregnant after it is announced that his band has been booked for a national tour.

    #109 Idolbreaker, pt. 2

  • Ellen tells Tommy that she doesn't want to marry him and Tommy isn't sure what he wants to do. At the last minute, they both realize it is not the right thing to do.
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