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SCTV Seasons 1 - 4 Bundle DVD Set
SCTV (DVD - 2004)

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Product Description

Commentaries by Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy The 1999 Aspen Comedy Festival SCTV Tribute. Original cast members Flaherty, Levy, Andrea, Martin, Catherine O'Hara and Dave Thomas joined Conan O'Brien for this event, which was first broadcast on HBO.

Nearly 90 minutes of newly created audio and video segments featuring cast and crew insights and memories.

***** SCTV - Best Of The Early Years
SCTV (DVD - 2006)

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Product Description
Synopsis Sketch comedy show set around the fictitious TV station SCTV. The programs broadcast by SCTV were parodies of films and other television shows. They included "Farm Film Report", Woody Allen's "Play It Again, Bob!", "Monster Horror Chiller Theatre", and "Great White North." Other skits involved the staff of SCTV, like president Guy Caballero, clueless newscaster Earl Camembert, washed up actor Johnny LaRue, and leopard-skin print wearing station owner Edith Prickley.

***** SCTV, Second City Television Network Volume 4 (5 Disc Set)
SCTV (DVD - 2005)

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Product Description

SCTV’s incredible 5th season (yes, that’s Volume 4) finds the show renewed on NBC and still in the 90-minute format. Three cast members have departed, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis and Catherine O'Hara—although Catherine makes a memorable return in "The Christmas Show," but Martin Short's star rose in their absence. His inimitable character Ed Grimley finds his way into many of the sketches. The Shmenges are back and John Candy introduces Mr. Mambo.

The Volume 4 box set features four Emmy-nominated shows ("Towering Inferno," "Christmas Special," "Midnight Cowboy" and "Sweeps Week"), plus Robin Williams as a guest in the "Jane Eyrehead" episode; it also includes musical guests John Mellencamp, Joe Walsh, and Crystal Gayle.

Includes an extra DVD with 3 extra episodes—12 episodes total— 33% more content at the same price as the first 3 volumes! Also includes a collectible set of character trading cards.

Program Listing: DISC 1 EPISODE# 106 Sammy Maudlin 23rd Anniversary / CBC EPISODE# 107 Indecent Exposure with John Cougar, Harold Ramis and Fred Willard EXTRAS: Hinterland Who’s Who Goin’ Down The Road

DISC 2 EPISODE# 108 Melonvote with Linda Hopkins EPISODE# 109 Jane Eyrehead with Robin Williams and America EXTRA: SCTV At Play

DISC 3 EPISODE# 110 Towering Inferno with Banda Brava EPISODE# 111 Christmas with Catherine O’Hara and Andrae Crouch EXTRA: SCTV Remembers - Part 4

DISC 4 EPISODE# 112 A Star Is Born with Crystal Gayle EPISODE# 113 SCTV Classifieds / Vic Arpeggio EXTRA: Sammy Maudlin at Second City

DISC 5 EPISODE# 114 Bobby Bittman’s Retirement with Ben Vereen EPISODE# 115 Sweeps Week EXTRA: SCTV - The Producers Part 2

DISC 6 EPISODE# 116 South Sea Sinner with Betty Thomas EPISODE# 117 Midnight Cowboy II with Joe Walsh EXTRA: The Red Fisher Show

***** SCTV, Second City Television Network Volume 3 (5 Disc Set)
SCTV (DVD - 2005)

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Product Description
This volume offers nine 90 minute shows from the fourth season to feed the demand for more SCTV. Broadcast on NBC in 1982, these episodes introduce new cast member Martin Short and Chronicle the height of success for characters Bob & Doug. It is here where the Shmenge Brothers (John Candy and Eugene Levy) make their first appearance and the Great White North gets the special Treatment in the "Great White North Palace" featuring Tony Bennett. Celebrities Bill Murray and Carl Perkins join the fray and musical guest Bennett, Jimmy Buffett and Hall And Oates offer classic performances.

***** SCTV, Second City Television Network Volume 2 (5 Disc Set)
SCTV (DVD - 2004)

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Product Description:
SCTV Volume 2 picks up where the first volume left off, presenting nine more 90-minute shows from SCTV’s memorable fourth season. Originally broadcast on NBC in 1981 and 1982, this set contains several of the episodes widely considered to be SCTV’s best. Eugene Levy in "The Jazz Singer" or John Candy as the village idiot in the Russian TV show "Hey Giorgy!" are just two examples of the level of excellence the series achieved throughout this season. "CCCP 1," "The Godfather," "Zontar" and "Teacher’s Pet" are some of the inspired wraparounds for these memorable shows.

Commentaries, interviews, hidden treasure and other special features round out another stellar collection of programming from Guy Caballero’s experiment in television. SCTV is on the air...and you will be on the floor.

And loaded with over 90 minutes of special features including new & unreleased material:
*Larger Than Life: The Norman Seeff Photo Sessions
*SCTV Remembers, Pt. 2
*The SCTV Writers
*The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers
*Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery
*SCTV At The 1982 Emmy® Awards

*Nine 90-minute episodes from the NBC seasons with the comedic talent of Eugene Levy (New York Minute, American Pie, A Mighty Wind, Best In Show), Catherine O’ Hara (A Mighty Wind, Best In Show), Joe Flaherty (National Security), Andrea Martin (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and Dave Thomas (Who’s Your Daddy? ), Rick Moranis (Honey, I Shrunk The Kids) and the late John Candy.

*A photo-packed 24-page booklet with an essay by Pulitzer-Price winning television critic Howard Rosenberg.

*Deluxe DVDigistak style package with graphics behind the clear trays in a sturdy slip-case.

*Performances by musical stars Al Jarreau, The Plasmatics, Natalie Cole, The Boomtown Rats, The Plastics and Talking Heads.

*Commentaries by Dave Thomas, Dick Blasucci, writer John McAndrew, Andrea Martin and Catherine O’Hara.

*This set now fully indexed and episodes detailed in booklet.

***** SCTV, Second City Television Network Volume 1 (5 Disc Set)
SCTV (DVD - 2004)

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DVD Features:
* Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
* Nine 90-minute episodes from the first NBC season, including "Moral Majority," "Pledge Week," and "Bouncin' Back to You," with appearances by characters Johnny LaRue, Yellowbelly, Edith Prickley, Bob and Doug McKenzie, and Lola Heatherton
* Commentaries by Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy
* The SCTV reunion from the 1999 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
* Four new documentaries:
* "SCTV Remembers," with original cast members Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, Catherine O'Hara, Dave Thomas, and Andrea Martin, and executive producer Andrew Alexander
* "Origins of SCTV," with vintage photos and clips from Chicago's Second City Theatre
* "The Craft of SCTV," with costume, hair, and makeup designers
* "Remembering John," with original cast, actor Martin Short, writers, and Bernard Sahlins the Second City Theatre cofounder and producer 1959-1985
* 24-page booklet

***** SCTV Disc 2 - Southside Fracas & The Sammy Maudlin Show
SCTV (DVD - 2005)

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Product Description
By popular demand, the first single SCTV DVD releases are now available. This DVD features two classic 90-minute shows along with bonus material.

Southside Fracas
This offers the "Only For Women" talk show, Dick Cavett interview with Dick Cavett and the Berman film parody sandwiched into Count Floyd’s "Monster Horror Chiller Theater" as well as the Siskel & Ebert take-off and more.

The Sammy Maudlin Show: Bob Hope In China
Some of the best segments of the first three seasons were compiled here including loads of short skits surrounding "Lee A. Iacocca’s Rock Concert" — featuring Gino Vanelli, Ringo Starr and Barbra Streisand’s duet with Slim Whitman — and that fine British film The Man Who Would Be King Of The Popes.

Bonus Feature:
Origins of SCTV – Harold Ramis, Bernie Sahlins and others recount the comedic SCTV journey.

***** SCTV - Disc 1 - One on the Town & Polynesiantown
SCTV (DVD - 2005)

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Product Description:
By popular demand, the first single SCTV DVD releases are now available. This DVD features two classic 90-minute shows along with bonus material.

One On The Town:
Highlights include "Leave It To Beaver 25th Anniversary," "Masterpiece Theatre: All The Long-Leggedy Beasties" and "Play It Again, Bob"— a superb parody of Woody Allen and Bob Hope’s comedic styles.

The 5 Neat Guys spot and the Sammy Maudlin Show on drugs in Hollywood are ace, but the "Polynesiantown" film send-up — with the final crane shot that would become a running gag in future shows — is the real classic.

Bonus Feature:
SCTV Remembers – behind-the-scenes stories from Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, Catherine O’Hara, Andrea Martin and executive producer Andrew Alexander.

***** Christmas With SCTV
SCTV (DVD - 2005)

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